German Bookmakers

Last Modified on 12/17/2018

Find the Best Bookmakers in Germany

Germany is one of the largest betting markets in Europe and worldwide with all leading bookmakers having established themselves in the country. Sports gambling, however, is subject to extensive regulations and online bookmakers in Germany have to abide to strict legislation. Until recently, the country had just one state company offering sports wager but now foreign operators are largely allowed to conduct business across Germany.

Actually, many of the leading German bookmakers are registered outside of Germany and take advantage of lower taxes in foreign countries, which in turn enables them to offer very competitive odds compared to local sports books. You should also bear in mind that the local state operator Oddset has a monopoly over brick-and-mortar gambling shops in Germany.

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Online Betting in Germany

With growing number of punters worldwide now preferring to make wagers online, Germany is not an exception to the rule. Online betting is not explicitly prohibited in Germany and both local citizens and foreigners can safely make online bets while living in Germany or just passing by.

Some of the best German bookmakers co-exist with online poker and casino operators, while the list of the best online betting sites in Germany includes all the major European and foreign bookmaker houses. Germany betting sites also include a number of reputable local sportsbooks such as Bet3000 and Tipico. They are licensed outside of Germany too, however.


Bonuses by Germany Betting Sites

Virtually all bookmakers in Germany offer sign up bonuses for online bettors. In addition, punters can enjoy ongoing promotions that may include free bets, risk free bets and other promotional betting offers.

You can also find promotional bets aimed specifically at gamblers from Germany while these are less common. The leading betting firms tend to do not discriminate they customers based on location, so both Germans and other nationals are able to take advantage from free bets by the best German betting sites.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods German Bookmakers Are Accepting

When online betting in Germany is concerned, you may find slight differences in payment and withdrawal methods German sportsbooks use. These payments and banking methods variations depend on the province where a betting website is licensed but the best German bookmakers usually support a wide range of payment processing methods.

You can expect most of the top gambling sites, including best football betting sites in Germany, to accept VISA and MasterCard for online wagers. Bank wires are still a popular method for placing bets and withdrawing betting profits in Germany while a growing number of local sportsbooks are adopting alternative payment methods.

Local online payment processors include services such as ClickandBuy and CLICK2Pay but many German bookmakers are offering payments through PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

Do I Need To Pay Tax on Gambling Winnings in Germany?

If you are a German citizen or you make wagers on German soil, you are subject to a 5% tax on your gambling stakes. That is why many bookmakers in Germany are being forced to cover that tax themselves in order to attract gamblers and offset the negative effect of taxing winnings from sports betting.

Other brick-and-mortar and online sportsbooks in Germany do not charge tax on losing bets for the very same reason. On the other hand, they apply the tax to your winning bets.

Another option for German citizens to avoid taxes on sports bets is to make wagers using cryptocurrencies and explore their betting options at bitcoin bookmakers, which are growing in popularity.

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Finding the Best German Bookmakers

We have compiled an extensive list of German bookmakers that is aimed at German residents and foreigners betting within Germany. The list includes 280 betting sites where German citizens can safely place a bet and take their winnings using secure payment methods.

The list of the best German bookmakers is populated with sportsbooks that have a Deutsch language version of their website or available or offer a sign up bonus for German customers. A typical example is The Greek Sportsbook where you can take advantage of the 25% up to $1,000 sign up bonus. An extra reward is that German clients don't have to pay a sports betting tax.

Intertops is the company leads the pack of German bookmakers when we apply complex criteria for selecting the best German betting site. They have a dedicated German section where you can find special promotions and no tax applied for sports bets originating from Germany.

On a scale of zero to ten, if you ask a German which is the best sportsbook, the answer will be Bwin (12.1m visits during September, almost 21% are from Germany) or Tipico (2.54m monthly visits and over 71% are from Germany). This is the most important factor in determining a betting site's ranking on the list. Rounding out the top ten brands are Bet365, Interwetten, Sportingbet, Betfair and Unibet.

Finally, you can rest assured you can find a wide range of betting options on popular sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey, and even darts. Online bookmakers in Germany cover the whole range of sports and offer odds on a broad choice of leagues and sports events. As there is no restriction for Germans or foreigners to bet online in Germany, sportsbooks are able to cover virtually any game while the best German online bookmakers also provide in-game betting options.

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November 18, 2017


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