Pinnacle Launches Bitcoin

Last Modified on 1/1/1900

Pinnacle, the top rated bookmaker in the world, has launched Bitcoin as a payment option. The sportsbook will partner with BitPay exchange service to convert your Bitcoin into your player account currency. They still do not offer Bitcoin as an account currency. 
Pinnacle absorbs all processing fees for deposits into your player account, however, they do not cover any Bitcoin minor fees. The exchange rate is locked at the time transaction is broadcasted to the Bitcoin network by our supplier. Each Pinnacle customer receives one free withdrawal per calendar month. The maximum deposit per day using Bitcoin is €8,000, max withdrawal : ‎€2,000.

Lucky us, Pinnacle joins the list of more than 116 bitcoin sportsbooks. Good Luck!

March 12, 2018


Oh Pinnacle, you are late to the party. I don’t find Bitcoin that good anymore, I prefer other cryptocurrencies. But maybe there are still people who will find these news as good :)