Nearly all people who actively bet online have come across a site that guarantees a system for 100% profit from bookmakers. A site that direct points out the ”mistakes” of bookmakers, surebets, arbitrage bets, bonuses or free cash in casino and poker sites. In this article we will talk about the so called sure bets (arbitrages, wholes, mistakes).

What do surebets really mean in practice? Simply put, this is a sports event on which a bet could be placed on different outcomes and at the end we still make a profit. But let’s start from the beginning…

For instance, we will pick an imaginary tennis match between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. The odds of Murray to win at william hill is 2.10 and the odds of Djokovic to win at pinnaclesports is also 2.10.

In this case if we bet 100 euros on both of them, whatever the outcome, we will earn 210 euros in total and our pure profit will be 10 euros. It sounds very simple and easy, but in reality it is very unlikely that you will find a sure bet on such a commercial match.

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Arbitrage services

There are dozens of online sites which offer ready-to-go sure bets with about 10% pure profit of the total stake. Of course, if we want these sites to be at our convenience, you will have to pay a certain fee and the packages are not cheap at all. Check the latest surebets and compare odds from 80+ major betting sites with OddsPortal.

Also I am giving an example with one of the most popular sites for sure bets – Here the cheapest subscription costs 10 euros per month, but there is a catch – for this small amount you get sure bets with 20 minutes delay and this interval is just about enough for other surebettors to get ahead of you.

As I already said, this all sounds like a very simple and easy business, but even in this business with “wholes” in bookies there are quite a lot of hindrances until you reach a level of feeling financially comfortable.

First steps in arbitrage betting

The surebet in its nature is not a mathematical equation. Available is a surebet calculator which shows us the exact amount we need to bet on each of the outcomes of the particular event and also it estimates the expected profit.

Additionally, there are filters which we can use to eliminate bookmakers we don’t want to bet with, sports we don’t want to bet on and even the markets which we want to avoid. Generally speaking, surebets programs make it fairly easy to start a surebet business.

Before you start placing surebets though, you need to carefully plan your budget, which bookmakers you will use and which subscription to buy. We from azbookmakers have many years of firsthand experience in placing surebets and we can advise you about which bookmakers ”frown upon” sure bets, which subscription is unnecessary and too expensive, which sports to avoid and which payment methods to use.

Like in any other business, in the surebets things change swiftly and often we give up on certain bookmaker and start using a different one just like the recent migration from PayPal bookies to the Crypto betting sites.

Most of the time this carries significant risks, but the more we try, the better professionals we become and this eventually leads to greater profits. Probably most of you who have already visited our site have heard about arbitrages, but how many of you ponder over what exactly do these types of bets mean?

Why bookmakers let that happen

The answer is simple, they offer no deposit gambling bonuses, sign up offers and enhanced odds, so the arbitrage betting is a very small piece of the gambling advertising machine. At first sight it seems that bookmakers suffer substantial losses from sure bets, but at the same time they take the “risk” to advertise themselves on virtually all surebets sites. In theory, the surebet is like the poker table.

If, for example, there are 10 of us on a table, none of us gets up or is replaced by someone else and we don’t put new money in, the ”rake” will eat up all of our money and at the end only the bookie will be on profit and the balance of each one of us will be 0. Isn’t that like the arbitrage for bookmakers?

Well, yes kind of, but that’s in case that absolutely all of us place surebets and neither random bets, nor gambling is involved.You understand that this is impossible and that’s exactly what bookies rely on.

Of course, they also rely on the little known filters which can detect all surebets. In case you wonder what these filters actually do – they are some sort of ”guardians” to the bookies as they detect the regular and the surebets and thus catch the ”violators”.

If bookies do not have these filters and rely only on human intervention, they will suffer huge losses. The ”punishment” for the player is a limitation of his/her account, sometimes changed odds, void of the bet and every now and then we see blocked accounts and withholding of all winnings. Yet, all that does not happen very often, unless we use unverified bookies.

What we need to know before making arbitrage bets

Allocate adequate amount of money which will be invested in surebets. Choose carefully program/s to purchase in order to find surebets quickly and easily. Choose you payment method. The best ones with low fees attached are Skrill and Neteller.

Making surebets with credit/debit cards can be quite annoying as sometimes you will have to wait couple of days for withdrawals.Be ready to send picture of your ID, driver’s license, a proof of address (there are only a very few bookies which will never ask for any of the above mentioned documents).

Sign up for bookies which you have carefully chosen in advance. (I am not going to lie, the highest surebets are offered at bookies with low rating, but there are many of those who can be trusted). For instance: marathonbet. This bookie shows up in many surebets programs, but the problem is that you won’t be able to make many surebets as your account will be limited after several bets. Make sure you have a high-speed internet, powerful computer and arm yourself with patience.

Which bookmakers to choose

Compulsory bookmakers are Pinnaclesports, Sbobet, 188bet, Betfair, Smarkets, Willhill, Ladbrokes and 5dimes. None of these bookies will ever limit your account except for Willhill and Ladbrokes.

Generally the most important aspects are which bookie will the program show you and which bookie will play the vital role in the sure bet. Advice: when such bookie appears, just deposit a small amount, place several bets and then make a withdrawal. Here it is very important to ensure that the bookie is not a scam or you can try to find only the fast payout sportsbooks.

Another practical advice is to make use of the bonuses offered to you as a new customer. If you manage to take the bonuses from different bookmakers, you will increase you bank and the available funds you can use on sure bets. The safest surebets are between 1% and 3%. Everything higher than that entails risk.

For example, company such as willhill has happened to amend odds in bet slips (this is not likely, but it’s happened). Change of the odds will not be a problem if you lose the bet, but in case you win, than the loss becomes substantial. You can calculate yourself how much will you lose if you bet 400 euros on odds of 3.50 and later the odds is altered to 2.75…The dream of all “surebettors” is to place a surebet between pinnacle and 5dimes or sbobet and Betfair exchange.

This happens on rare occasions, but when you come across it, you must remember that it won’t be active for a long time and you need to act swiftly.
Surebets mainly occur when there is a delay in the process of odds changing. With some bookies only a short delay is enough for the appearance of surebet.

History of arbitrage betting and the fraud

Some time ago it was not uncommon to see a 6-7% surebet and was not a big deal to take advantage of it as even Ladbrokes participated in higher than 5% surebets. Later some bookies appeared that defrauded ”surebettors” and precisely there was a site called which practically designed a scheme that robbed hundreds of people who have deposited large amounts of money there.

Only a few people managed to withdraw their funds and losses reached up to 40k euros per person.

There were 8-9% surebets on most of the popular events. At the end they put a button saying ”show me the money” which was supposed to mean a withdrawal of some kind, but against all expectations it served to automatically make a bet of several events, like multibet, with the same amount that people had beforehand inserted for withdrawal.

The site had left nothing to chance and stated that these bets were not like a traditional accumulator, odds does not multiply, but only individual bets with your stake does and if one of the bets is not winning, you lose everything ☺. To say the least that was a brutal fraud.
Skrill and Neteller took care to refund what’s left to some of its customers, but that was all.

Fraudulent bookies. There are many examples of such fraudulent bookies. One of them is canbet which rarely took part in surebets, but had incredible bonus and high odds, favorable limits and relatively fast withdrawal process.

So far so good, but at a certain point they declared bankruptcy and unfortunately many people lost loads of money in their canbet accounts. This is why it is better to earn less money, but in a more secure way.

Long after that higher that 5-6% surebets were a synonym of abuse or scam. Later marathonbet appeared on the scene, which for unknown reasons and accidentally or not stimulated people making surebets.

Imagine a bookmaker that pays out for one minute and there are higher than 7-8% surebets. Fraud? Hardly possible? This keeps going on for a long time? Simply you will need an account per day, if you want to place surebets, unless you go to the UK and attend marathonbet landbased betting shops.

The problem here is that many of the odds are different than those online, but you can still make surebets. On the other hand you always have pinnaclesports and this all turns into a real ”fix sure thing”. Nowadays there all sorts of bookies which promote themselves with foolish odds which give rise to sure bets.

How to choose reliable arbitrage software

The main thing, really, are the arbitrage softwares. They can be quite expensive and do not always offer what they advertise. RebelBetting is surely the best arbitrage software solution that gamblers can rely on. It is the fastest and most professional software that direct points out the ”mistakes” of bookmakers or the so-called arbitrage bets. has the largest number of bookies and customers. In this site very often we see non-existing arbitrages, but at the expense of that we can frequently find a bookie which gives higher than 5% surebets.

En.surebet is probably the cheapest program with easy to navigate interface.
Betburger has not been on the market for a while, but they are quiet competitive.
Oddstorm were the first to offer live arbitrages.

Speaking of live surebets – this is more than incredible for surebettors. What could be better than placing live arbitrage bets and not wait for hours, or sometimes days, for a certain event to finish. Yes, this sounds great, but in practice it is almost impossible. It is like money down the drain. It is hard to find real live sure bets as until you open the site, either the event or the odds is already changed and it is all finished.

However, these sure bets can serve as reference point because since they have appeared in the program once, there is a chance that they were active at some point, even for a little while. This will show you between which bookies you can find live surebets and on which events. Eventually if you have patience, you will be able to find live surebets yourself.

Finding arbitrages without the use of a program is not impossible. For some years now you can see that there are surebets between William Hill and Betfair on UK horse racing. They are not very high, but are high enough to make a few good surebets and unfortunately there are just a handful of programs which will show you these.

There are several betting strategies and methods using the so called “dropping odds” and “blocked odds”, which you can find at

Hard times for arbers

Recently a new problem emerged for all who invest in surebets. E-wallets increased their taxes for transfers from one account to another. Let’s be honest, it is virtually impossible to make surebets for a week or longer with only one account.

You will need dozens of accounts of siblings and relatives in order to open new accounts and thus avoid limitations. There was a moment some years ago when many people turned from Skrill/Moneybookers to Neteller.

Neteller was an attractive e-wallet as it had no fees regarding internal transfers. Not long after that they introduced a 1% fee or maximum of 10 euros which practically eliminated the small players from the surebets market. It is hard to find another credible e-wallet.

Alternative is ecopayz, but currently not many bookies maintain payments with it. It is even rarer to find Paypal as a payment method.
This year Neteller increased its fee to 2%, which put off many people who were making surebets with this e-wallet. The newest and we need to admit the fastest growing alternative these days is Bitcoin.

Fees for internal transfers are symbolic, and it is rare to see limited accounts or to hear about any problems with this digital currency. It is quite secure and works perfect for making surebets.

Right now not many bookies can ”afford” to add Bitcoin as a new payment method, but be patient, as this is one of the fastest growing trends on the planet. Yet, it has a disadvantage, which doesn’t have to be ignored. You never know whether one day you would wake up and your last month’s winnings would have been vanished as the Bitcoin rate has plunged. Unfortunately, these are the risks which we can’t avoid.


On the whole placing surebets has developed into something between hobby and business. Our main advice is to start with a small amount of money, get to know the different bookmakers and programs and then evaluate whether it is worth the trouble. There is no better way to familiarize yourself with the various available bookies than placing surebets, but it has to be clear that if you think you can earn millions by surebets, than you have to buckle up as there will be a long journey ahead.

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5 Replies to “Arbitrage Betting”

  • Antonio says:

    First of all, I want to apologize if something I write is not understood, because I am using a translator. I am a Spanish gambler who started in the world of surebets for about half a year. In Spain, the chances of surebets are quite high, with good bookies such as Bet365, William Hill, 888, Marathonbet, Pokerstars, Luckia.etc, but I am at the point where all arber met or will find at some point: the limitations. I have been limited in the majority of licensed and allowed bookies in my country, but after verifying the simplicity with which it is possible to earn money safely, I want to look for new alternatives. I’ve heard of Asian bookies and their welcome to winning bettors. Specifically, I have discovered VIP-IBC, which is a broker that facilitates arbers since they give you the possibility of betting from different bookies, unlike other brokers such as Betinasia or Asianconnect, which simply give you the highest quota but do not They give the possibility of combining bets from two or more bookies. At this point, I am close to embarking on my journey towards Asian bookies, and I would like, if possible, to hear your opinion and receive advice from you, who seem experienced in this world. Do you know VIP-IBC? It is safe? and if so, with what scanner would you complement it? I’ve heard of Rebelbetting, which has enough Asian bookies to find surebets. Can combining VIP-IBC and Rebelbetting be the perfect solution for arbers who run away from limitations? A greeting.

    • azBookmakers Team says:

      Hi there,
      Thank you for your question. We do not have experience with VIP-IBC. It looks like a reliable broker that offers Neteller, Skrill and cryptocurrencies as a payment option. RebelBetting is surely the best arbitrage software solution that gamblers can rely on. We advise you to check It has the largest number of bookies and customers.

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