Betting On Baseball

Posted on 03/12/2017 10:00

Baseball is probably the sport that people from USA gamble the most. Recent studies reveal that punters from Europe also increase their interests on baseball betting. But what is it about baseball that makes people bet on it?

One of its benefits are the high stake limits. Baseball is highly reputable sport and most of the online bookies have absolutely great limits. Most of the sportsbooks accepting players from USA easily take wagers larger than 10k.

Another advantage not proven but known around the wealthy punters is that bookies often do a great mistakes in baseball odds and sharp gamblers take this as an opportunity. Considered by most of the heavy punters baseball is the most profitable sports to bet on and any self-respected gambler must take advantage of it.

Betting on baseball tips

 We want to share with you some useful tips to consider when betting on baseball:

  • pitchers matter - The money line odds are made by the bookies mainly considering the pitchers. If one of the pitchers changes before the game the odds will also be changed. You must consider the last game of the pitcher and his mental health
  • bet on underdogs - Risking less to win more is a winning strategy. The hardest part is to choose when a underdog is underestimated by the bookies.
  • streaks - Consider winning and losing streaks is a key to a successful betting. Confident team with long winning streak has a good chance to win the next game. The same applies for team that has a losing streak.

Betting on the Money Line

 This is simply picking the outright winner. When betting on money line you choose which team will win even after extra innings.

Where to find the best baseball betting odds

  • Betonline - this bookie offers great stake limits on MLB and also has great $2500 welcome bonus.
  • Intertops - more than 1.5M gamblers from USA visit the site monthly. This is one of the best places to bet on baseball.
  • Bovada - the most visited online sportsbook in USA offers great range of MLB betting.
  • Cloudbet - fresh bookie with great baseball odds similar to bet365. Bitcoin bonus is available for all new customers.

March 12, 2018


I used to be so unfamiliar with this game, I didn’t even see the point of it but I had heard that betting on baseball is a very profitable thing to do so I had to learn it. One day I sat down and read all kinds of things about it and I actually find it very interesting now and I think I’ve become very good at baseball betting.

February 23, 2018


Interesting game, it’s a pleasure for me to place bets on baseball

February 18, 2018


I’ve been betting on baseball like crazy lately….its amazing!

February 2, 2018


You won’t be sorry to bet on baseball, this game is entertaining and you can win from it..

January 15, 2018


I have heard betting on baseball is a must. I’m still trying to get to know the game better so I can start betting.