Bitcoin Bookmakers

Last Modified on 7/23/2019

Sports Betting with Bitcoin

It has been a crazy year for online gambling with bitcoin and most sportsbooks that accept bitcoin have increased their clients significantly. In just the last couple of years anonymous sports betting has gained huge amount of fans around the world. In many countries gambling restrictions have forced gamblers to use bitcoin betting sites to escape government laws. According to the latest google searches eSports bitcoin betting has become enormously popular among bettors and especially csgo bitcoin gambling. Probably that comes from the fact that gamers are more open to new ideas and have warm welcomed the idea of anonymous betting. Bitcoin betting is already available on every sports you can imagine like MMA, cricket, football, horse racing, soccer.

Bitcoin Puzzles

What you see in the pictures below are our Bitcoin Puzzles. Beneath every picture are hidden 12 words. With these words you can open a blockchain wallet where we've deposited the sponsored prize. The sponsor of our bitcoin puzzle #1 is 1xBit - an all-in-one gambling website that combines a sports booking platform and online casino. You can check the balance of the wallet here : 1L6rCPLm6YLfjxP3Besw49R3Qsei3Wt1DV . The sponsor of our bitcoin puzzle #2 is Playbetr - an exceptional licensed cryptocurrency and bitcoin casino and sportsbook featuring the very best in cryptocurrency gaming entertainment. You can check the balance of the wallet here : 17Kf3gUgtsWMq1U19XoUuy139KMuiyz4YP


Everyone who decrypts the 12 words is FREE to get into the wallet and take the money. After finding the 12 words you need to go at and follow the instructions how to get the funds. Here we're going to post some hints : 

1st Hint of Bitcoin Puzzle #1 : the first word is FREQUENT

How to bet with Bitcoin

Bitcoin gambling sites are just like traditional bookmakers and punters can enjoy all of the betting functions and features that are provided by the top European bookies like Bet365, Unibet, Betway, William Hill, Ladbrokes, etc. Gamblers must be aware that there are two types of bitcoin sportsbooks – the first use bitcoin only as a payment method and players betting balance is kept in fiat currencies, and second use bitcoin as a currency and bets are accepted in BTC. If you choose to use bookmaker that holds your funds in bitcoin be aware of the volatility of the price movements. Sportsbook bitcoin deposit is just like every traditional payment method and gamblers don’t need to worry. It is by the way much better because it is anonymous and in addition punters can be entitled great welcome offers - the best bitcoin sportsbooks offer superb bitcoin betting bonuses. Sportsbook bitcoin withdrawal is easy peasy lemon squeezy and most of the bookies don’t require verification documents.

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The Advantages

In the USA, people are still searching for a reliable and safe betting site, but with all these regulations and bans, it's still a hard task. Is bitcoin making online gambling in the us? Is bitcoin gambling legal? According to our research more than 10 million people around USA are now betting with bitcoin and this is a solid proof that gamblers do not need to worry about gambling laws in US. We believe that in the next years bitcoin gambling in USA will become tremendously popular among punters. As a matter of fact all countries are facing some gambling restrictions. With bitcoin bookmakers that's all in the past. Still, there is nobody that can regulate bitcoin and btc sportsbooks as well. There are of course a few negative reactions, those were drowned out by the crypto believers. Then everything changed this year, when bitcoin price jumped nearly 870 % from $700 to $7000, becoming the most powerful cryptocurrency in the world. The synonyms of bitcoin bookmakers are instant payout sportsbooks, fair and anonymous bookies, bookmakers that don't limit.

Bitcoin vs Neteller/Skrill

There have been better times and worse times for Neteller and Skrill. The better times were back in the old days when online betting using e-wallet as a payment option was all about customer experience. The worse times are now, when sports betting is all about low transaction fees, fair bonus conditions, instant payouts and anonymity. People thought that the so called immigration from skrill and neteller would be a step forward for PayPal bookmakers, but that wasn't a change for something better, it was just another payment provider with better rules and verification terms. The whole gambling society waited with baited breath for something totally new, for the "game changer". Now we all must face the truth, bitcoin bookmakers are the future, bitcoin sportsbooks introduce a new way of online gambling.

Bitcoin vs PayPal

It's helpful to compare Bitcoin with PayPal, as we did, but what about comparing PayPal vs Bitcoin in a matter of gambling. PayPal offers instant deposits, but not so fast payouts as Bitcoin does. PayPal requires verification documents, Bitcoin is anonymous or it can bet. One of the leading bookmakers in the world Bwin offers PayPal transactions in € and £ only. Bwin bitcoin option is still unavailable, we've tried to reach their customer service for a feedback regarding this matter, but still no info. As of today, there are 118 bitcoin sportsbooks compared to 101 PayPal betting sites.

The Facts 

Cloudbet is one of the most popular bitcoin bookmakers and it received majority-positive reviews when it was released in 2013. Overall reactions were still mixed, but it finished with a more than expected. In February 2018, crypto sportsbook Cloudbet peaked at nearly 1.21 million visits, compared to 810,000 five months earlier, which is more than a proof that this sportsbook has a perfect connection with the betting society and bitcoin gambling is growing fast and constantly. US players are allowed, as a matter of fact everyone is allowed. Of course there is a bonus and it's more than friendly, 100% up to 5 BTC. And with the instant payouts ahead, Cloudbet is becoming one of the best reviewed bitcoin bookmakers of all time. Does bet365 accept bitcoin? We've googled it and we found that many sites provide fake info and explain how to deposit to bet365 using bitcoin, where the actual process is describes as follows : from bitcoin to Neteller/Skrill, and from Neteller/Skrill to Bet365. We got to the end of the process. Bet365 sent us an official email regarding this matter. So the official answer is "not yet" but we have a reason to believe that after the Pinnacle bitcoin introduction, there's a big chance to see bet365 bitcoin payments in the near future.

Deposit With BTC, Play With USD 

Everything depends on just how much bitcoin bookmakers really deliver something better, of course you'll find out when you try. Until then, you can use bitcoin as a payment option, not as a currency, which in certain circumstances is better, because it's mixed between the old betting technique and the brand new deposit method. Betonline sportsbook officially integrated bitcoin as payment choice in 2015, but it's old news, the betting site has already added ethereum. For a limited time only, the betting company is offering bitcoin sports welcome bonus for your first deposit ever. There's still time to score a great deal taking the 100% offer up to $1000. The deposit delays can change your expectations, but the fast withdrawal will return the faith in bitcoin bookmakers. Intertops is a brand dedicated to fairness, there you'll find a fair verification process, a decent promotion with reasonable conditions, honest rules and sports betting terms and a proper market range. There's a special section for German and US customers. Bitcoin deposits are instant, something that you can find very rare. You can choose from a wide range of currencies to play with.

Bitcoin Wallets

Luckily, there are so many bitcoin wallets you can choose from. Down the road you can discover different types like web, mobile, desktop or hardware wallets. Choose wisely, if you respect your security and funds. We've created this list, considering the level of security, players experience, the simplicity and the customer service.


For the last year azBookmakers has been the ultimate "bonuskeeper" of bitcoin sports betting industry, tracking everything from the best bitcoin bookmakers to the highes bitcoin promos. We've ranked the best bitcoin gambling offers, we were the first that announced Pinnacle bitcoin deposit option, we are the ones who introduced you the bitcoin sports betting arbitrage opportunity, we claim to be the best or at least the most comprehensive bitcoin gambling guide. People from the entire betting industry assumed that bitcoin bookmakers would be another drop out, just another scam or like Jamie Dimon said : "bitcoin is a fraud, it won't end well". But the same people thought that PayPal or neteller didn't worth it. Azbookmakers team strongly believe that the key of online gambling is hidden in a box. The key is "private". And the box is called bitcoin.

August 2, 2019


Is the new puzzle self-contained?

March 20, 2018


Coudbet has always been and it still is the best bitcoin betting bookmaker I have ever bet at. One of the various advantages of bitcoin are the the fast transactions. In Cloudbet they are not only fast, they are instant and that’s all I need.

March 19, 2018


Bitcoin is fast, convenient, private and secure and the best part is it doesn’t require personal information. That is why I love bitcoin bookmakers. I usually bet at Nitrogensports, I like the UI, odds are competitive and different special offer.

March 18, 2018


has anyone tried the Pinnacle Bitcoin option? They recently launched bitcoin as payment as far as I know, but as I see the only option to deposit bitcoins over there is with Bitpay, smells like neteller

March 16, 2018


Nowadays if a sportsbook doesn’t offer Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals there must be something wrong about it. But then there are sportsbooks like Betcoin and when you see there’s no restricted countries you get so excited but there is nothing to be excited for because they are soo shady.

March 15, 2018


When I first registered into 1xbit I was very excited because of the numerous activities you can bet at, I also had read some great reviews about it but I things didn’t go as I was expecting…all they do is take your money, they even lost my deposits and could not fix that problem.

March 5, 2018


I'm glad that Pinnacle finally launched Bitcoin payments. The payout limit is still too small but I think that they will make it higher very soon. Now we are waiting for Bet365...

February 18, 2018


BetOnline is alright, good odds and service

January 22, 2018


I mostly bet in bitcoin bookmakers. My faves are Cloudbet and Intertops

January 8, 2018


If you haven't tried a bitcoin bonus yet, I highly recommend the 1xbet one.They have great odds