Famous Gamblers

Posted on 19/04/2018 07:31

How did they create profitable careers out of gambling and sport betting

Have you dreamed of becoming rich? No need to answer this, we all have. But making a fortune rarely comes out of a regular job, does it? That's why today many gamble, while maintaining a cash flow via a steady 9 to 5 gig. But there is a middle ground on which a couple of rich and fortunate people stand - the professional gamblers. Here we will share stories of famous professional gamblers and how did they grow.

But before we begin we want to stress on one point: all of these people worked really hard for their money!

Bill Benter

Of course we will start with the richest of the them all: Bill Benter. Born in in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1957, he is the man that makes $100 million(yep, eight zeros) annually. With a degree in physics young Bill decided to try his logical skills in counting cards. Following Edward Thorp`s “Beat the Dealer”, Mr. Benter beated not one but most of them in Las Vegas, perhaps that's why he has a lifetime ban for almost all of the venues in the Sin City.  After Vegas, Bill Benter moved to Hong Kong where he started working with Alan Woods (we will get to him latter), where the two of them created a formula for predicting outcomes of horse races, thus creating the world's first gambling software.

Zaljko Ranogajec

Have you heard of him? Don't fuss if you haven`t, because he is one of the most private gamblers. Zaljko is Croatian but has grown up in Australia, he flunks university to pursue a gambling career. He is known for his photographic memory that has made for him millions of dollars and lifetime bans from hundred of Australian and American casinos. After that he switched to horse races where he made his big break. For little that's known of him, Mr. Ranogajec is a billionaire, has a record win in Keno for $7.5 million, has a syndicate of gamblers that made him $44 million for a three year period and is fighting the Australian Taxation office for nearly $1 billion.

Dirk Paulsen

This story doesn't have the glamour of million dollars nor the thrill of hustling the house rather has a more human and realistic touch to it. Dirk Paulsen is a famous sport betting rounder and by rounder we mean he is supporting his family with income coming only out of sport betting in football. He has developed a program that calculates probability in football, this doesn't sound so big but in the early 90s he was somewhat of a pioneer. After a successful estimation and the profitable gain out of the World Cup in 1990, Dirk quits his job and becomes a professional football punter. Today he is teaching his 18 year-old son in becoming the second person to read his program thus continuing the sport betting legacy he has set.

Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp is one of the most famous and important figures in the gambling industry, consider him Steve Jobs of gambling. Born in 1932, he was the first to make a computer simulation for blackjack. After proving it in Las Vegas he wrote the bible for almost every professional and amateur player “Beat the Dealer”. He is member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and has developed methods for playing backgammon and baccarat. He truly is a master of his craft and has inspired many. After he conquered gambling he moved to the financial markets where he applied effective hedge funds techniques making for himself a $800 million fortune, not bad indeed.   

Alan Woods

Surly some of the mentioned above wouldn't have become what they have without the help of Alan Woods, he is the man to make art and a lot of money out of math via hours racing. He partnered with Bill Banter in the 80s creating the first and most successful syndicate in the horse racing history. After Bill, Alan partnerted with Zeljko Ranogajec and continued to reap millions out of the horse track. His formula considered everything from weather to the structure of the soil on the track. For him horse racing has never been more that a mathematical equation waiting to be solved and he has solved many in his life.

Dominic LoRiggio

They say practice makes perfect, well in the case of Dominic LoRiggio this couldn't be any more true. He is a true jedi master in Blackjack and Craps. Through hundred of hours in “controlled shooting” he made a reputation as the “Dominator” in Craps. Simple physics he says but his dice game is the best in the world.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

The tinker of the slot machine. Starting in his thirties with a slot machine in a vane parked somewhere in Vegas, Tommy discovered that slots can be deceived with different alloy of metals. He invented a slider (The Monkey Paw) made from guitar and steel. The slider was inserted tripping the switch in letting coins flow. He has been arrested numerous times and has spend a lot of time in jail but today Tommy works for the top slot machine manufacturers helping them to protect their products from people like him.       

These were some of the most famous and richest gamblers in the world. As you can see everyone of them has had an idea that he developed and pursue. If you can take anything out of these stories we think it's good to be that in gambling as in life you have to have an idea what you want to do. So every time you enter a casino, log into your gambling site or enter a bookies venue always think hard and long what you want to do today of your gambling.