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Last Modified on 2/6/2019

Betting on Corners in Football

Betting on corners in soccer is a great niche where you can exploit discrepancies and find a value for your wagers. This type of betting has evolved steadily in recent years as it gives you a chance to get an edge over the bookmaker by using your knowledge of the game. The most common types of lines for corner betting are Totals, Handicap and Money Line and they are offered across all major soccer tournaments and championships.

Money Line corner betting is quite straightforward as you just have to predict which side will get the most corners in a game. In the Total corners market, the bookie will set a particular number of expected corners in a match and the gambler will have to guess whether there will be more or less than that figure. In the Handicap corners betting the sportsbook will give an advantage to one of the teams, indicating it with a + (figure), and deficit to the other shown with - (figure).

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Find Your Winning Corner Betting Strategy

Once you learn how to bet on corners, the next thing is to start planning an effective betting strategy by following statistics, patterns of play and how each team approaches its home and away matches. The general tendency here is that teams that are offensive minded and play quite openly put opponents under more pressure and are likely to have more shots and hence win more corners. In contrast, the squads that usually adopt defensive strategies face more shots and are forced to concede corners.

Another relevant fact to consider is that when a team is finding itself unexpectedly losing against an opposition, it will react desperately in order to even the score and this will inevitably generate more corners. Corners tend to occur more frequently at the beginning and at the end of each half as well as when there is a pressure to deliver results. A vital thing to remember is that in corner betting the favorite team will not always win more corners, neither the side that wins the most corners will end up as a winner.

World Cup 2018 Corner Tips

Below you can see an infographic with a detailed World Cup corner statistics of the top contenders for the title. The data has been gathered from the last three tournaments (2006, 2010 and 2014) and it shows that the reigning world champion Germany had played the most matches during this period and logically had won and conceded the highest number of corners. The graphic also suggests that the offensive squads of Brazil and Spain are expected to win many corners this summer, while Argentina's style of play is also a prerequisite for quite a few corners in their matches.

Recommended Sportsbooks for Corner Betting

When choosing a bookmaker for corner betting you need to consider several factors. We love betting on corners in play and our recommended bets are asian corners and halftime corner betting where punters can always find a value . We've searched high and low and we found these 3 bookies to be perfect for corner betting: