We’re giving away FREE $200 if you manage to decrypt the 12 words hidden beneath these number. Decode these words and get into the wallet where we’ve deposited $200.

What you see in the picture above is our Beta version of our Crypto-Cipher Game.
Check out our new Bitcoin Cipher Game with 0.18665328 BTC.

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Beneath these numbers are hidden 11 words. The Twelfth one is the word APOLOGY. With these words you can open a blockchain wallet where we’ve deposited 0.02957627 BTC which are equal at the moment of writing to $200.

You can check the balance of the wallet here https://blockchain.info/address/1HKHwKGxZCdxCV4GxbgLtTFMXUPQsY4yDy

Everyone who understands and decrypts the 11 words is FREE to get into the wallet and take the money. Remember, the twelfth word is APOLOGY.

After finding the 12 words you need to go at https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/recover and follow the instructions how to get the funds.

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