How to Protect Your Winnings From Your Greed

Last Modified on 1/1/1900

Is Greed Good in Gambling?

Accept greed as a normal human emotion...we all have it...if you haven`t been greedy until now, just start gambling and shorty after you will feel your emotions, logic, thought, hopes and dreams getting hijacked by the sweet illusion of being rich.

We all want an easy way through capitalism.

Try to make daily, weekly and monthly gambling goals. Harness an accumulative advantage by a small but constant monthly cash flow.

It's not that good gamblers win more, it's just their way of keeping the winnings

Here is the three-dimensional mindset of the gambler you need to have if you want to gain:

Know your wants - always fix financial goals so that you can have indicators of your success. Know “how much is enough?” and you can get somewhere with your gambling. Now that we shift our mindset to what the ‘minimum’ is, let’s focus on how to get there. Once you are equipped with the tools and make the right calculations, getting there will be a cinch.

Reach for the moon step by step - with less money needed, this should put less pressure on you. Of course you should always look out for a high risk and profit games. We are merely suggesting that you keep an eye on the overall exposure of your financial self.  

Tame your greed - greed is good, but only in reasonable amounts. Easy comes and easy goes is not how you should do your gambling. Develop a habit of withdrawing your winnings so you can measure your progress with the tangible proof of hard cash or a number in your crypto wallet. 

    Here we have graded the top 9 greed suppression hacks:

    • Don’t overdo it – there is no need to gamble every day. A couple of well calculated bets per week is all you need.  
    • Don’t make bets when you don't see the signs– keep track of your strategy. Don't gamble when you shouldn't have to.
    • Don’t take а position too late – there are many opportunities to enter a good setup so don’t ever feel impatient or regretful at any missed chances.
    • Don’t take too much risk and bet more than 5% of your money – stay in the game by not muring too bright.
    • Don’t learn from your mistakes, stop them – make sure you cease your lossings before it's too late or it will take much time to regain them.
    • Don’t switch strategies or increase bets in midtime – strategies and targets take away the stress that comes with gambling. Setting a target that is too high increases the chances of you feeling anease when things don't shake up as expected.
    • Make a routine of saving from your monthly income. Don’t entrust gambling with your only way out of the rent apartment. Don’t turn it into a second job by pressuring yourself with the the daunting expectations that if done right it will allow you to purchase your Porch in marinе blue.
    • Soberly think through how much you’ve got in your bank account now and how much did you have before - when you are ahead in order stay so you just continue doing what brought you up to this point. If something is working, don't change or charge it.
    • Gambling is an infinite game - race against yourself, don’t compare yourself to others, only to your original situation. The only way you should measure your personal finances is by benchmarking your original situation a year ago to where you are today.