Are you looking for sportsbooks that accept minimum deposit of $1 or $5? Feel comfortable to bet as much as you wish at these low deposit betting sites.

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Sure, some gamblers prefer high stakes and large bets of various kinds. Nonetheless, the average player is mostly looking for both beneficial odds and affordable minimum deposit.

It would help if you considered the purchasing power of bettors in different countries. We must admit that a sportsbook with a $10 deposit will be regarded as a low deposit bookmaker in some countries. At the same time, the otherwise affordable $10 threshold might be expensive in certain markets.

Betting Sites with Low Deposit

Intertops$5 with Paysafecard
Betonline$10 with Neteller
Bovada$10 minimum deposit
Sportsbetting$10 minimum deposit
Unibet£5 minimum deposit
Cloudbet0.001 BTC min deposit
888Sport£5 minimum deposit
Betsafe$10 via Neteller/Skrill
William Hill£5 minimum deposit
10Bet£10 minimum deposit
100% up to €25
✔ Promo code: Not required | ✔ UK players allowed | ✔ 5x bonus rollover requirement at odds of 1.50 or greater
100% up to $1000
✔ Promo code: CRYPTO100 | ✔ No KYC required | ✔ US players allowed | ✔ 14x Rollover requirement | ✔ Bitcoin supported 💰
75% up to $750
✔ Promo code: BTCSWB750 | ✔ No KYC required | ✔ US players allowed | ✔ 5x Rollover requirement | ✔ Bitcoin supported 💰
50% up to £50
✔ Promo code: PLAY10 | ✔ 24x bonus rollover | ✔ UK players allowed
100% up to 5 BTC
✔ The minimum deposit to receive a bonus is 0.01 BTC/BCH/ETH, or 10 USDT | ✔ No KYC required | ✔ Bitcoin supported 💰
100% up to $1000
✔ Promo code: 100CRYPTO | ✔ No KYC required | ✔ US players allowed | ✔ 14x Rollover requirement | ✔ Bitcoin supported 💰
100% up to $2500
✔ Promo code: JOIN125 | ✔ No KYC required | ✔ US players allowed | ✔ 10x Rollover requirement | ✔ Bitcoin supported 💰
€120 Refer a Friend
✔ 1st Friend €30 free bonus 💰 | ✔ 2nd Friend €40 free bonus 💰 | ✔ 3rd Friend €50 free bonus 💰 | ✔ 1x bonus rollover
100% up to $100
✔ Promo code: ROOKIE100 | ✔ US players allowed | ✔ 12x bonus rollover at min. odds of -200 (1.5). | ✔ Bitcoin supported 💰
€30 in Free bets
✔ Promo code: 30fb | ✔ A qualifying bet of at least £/$/€10 with minimum odds of 1/2 (1.5) is required | ✔ UK players allowed
Bet £10 Get £30
✔ New customers only | ✔ UK players allowed | ✔ Place a £10/€10 bet at odds of 1/2 (1.5) or greater 💰
100% up to €122
✔ Promo code: Not required | ✔ Must be completed withing 7 days| ✔ 5x Rollover requirement in accumulator bets with min. two selections
50% up to $200
✔ Request your bonus within 24 hours of an accepted deposit | ✔ US players allowed | ✔ Neteller and Skrill available 💰

Thus, defining what a “low deposit sportsbook” is depends on factors such as the local purchasing power, the standard of as well as currency exchange rates.

You can safely say that bookmakers with a minimum deposit of £2 are low deposit bookmakers in the UK. However, it would be best to consider that such an amount equals the average daily income in some African countries.

So, the bookmaker minimum deposit you’re speaking about must also be measured against the purchasing power on any specific local market to be considered affordable.

One more thing: those who think bookmakers make the most of their profit from large bets are missing the truth. The world of sports betting sites generates the bulk of its betting revenues from bettors who place regular, small bets.

These bettors represent the overwhelming majority of online and offline punters. Many of them are merely enjoying the excitement of placing a wager on their favourite team or game, not looking for big winnings at any cost.

That is why a good number of bettors all over the world are on the watch for the lowest minimum deposit sportsbook available.

Advantages of Low Min Deposit Sportsbook

Both high rollers and cautious punters are checking the online bookmaker’s minimum deposit, just for different reasons.

The latter may need to test a betting strategy by placing various bets on specific sports events. At the same time, the former may well try to diversify their wagers across multiple platforms.

A $5 minimum deposit sportsbook may also act as a sandbox for savvy bettors and recreational punters alike.

The well-informed bettor would experiment with risky bets or various strategies, while the casual punters would be safe from losing hefty sums by having a large deposit with a bookmaker, which may result in riskier betting.

Also, any player, experienced or not, needs time to get acquainted with an online bookmaker’s features and procedures.

Sports betting sites with low deposits enable punters to safely learn the basics of gambling through the specific betting service or check specific functions and bet types in which they are interested.

Not all bookmakers offer a demo account, so having a low minimum deposit is a method to allow advanced gamblers to explore the platform.

Novice punters can learn online betting basics without holding a large amount of money into their betting account.

Be in Control with Low Deposit Bookmakers

A low deposit sportsbook allows you to control your betting experience and plan your deposits and withdrawals.

A low deposit bookmaker would typically offer low-stake wagers, which in turn gives you even more control over your betting strategy.

You barely need access to all the features of a leading world bookmaker’s online platform; that’s especially true if you’re a casual bettor willing to put a few dollars on the Sunday game from time to time.

You can easily have all the essential features with affordable betting sites that let you deposit less than $5 or open an account at a $5 minimum deposit sportsbook.

Don’t let the small minimums misguide you. You can still make risky bets or place in-game wagers with a low deposit bookmaker. You can apply any betting strategy you may have through a low deposit sportsbook, too.

The difference is that you have more control over your funds and wagers as you are not required to deposit a large amount and better plan your budget.

Which is the Lowest Minimum Deposit Sportsbook

You can find bookmakers with a minimum deposit of $1 sports betting service, which are pretty common. Also, selected online bookmakers allow punters to place single bets below $1. Minimum deposit amounts vary between bookmakers, and deposits range from as low as $1 to in excess of $100.

You should also know that minimum deposits and withdrawals depend on the specific payment method you use.

Using a wire transfer is one thing, while depositing and withdrawing money through an e-wallet is another story. The lowest stake on offer doesn’t depend on the selected payment method, but rather is set by the respective bookmaker

That said, we end up with low minimum deposit bookmakers that vary significantly in terms of betting options offered. The best-priced sportsbook is the one that offers the lowest minimum deposit specifically to you and also supports all the betting features you need.

Which Are the Payment Methods With Low Deposit Limits


Cryptocurrencies are a safe and secure way for users to transfer money instantly across the world. As useful as they are, they’re still not very common among online betting sites. However, this is quickly changing due to the increasing popularity of crypto.

This method is excellent for anyone who prefers to have more control over their money. You can easily keep track of your betting transactions, separate from your regular bank account. Using cryptocurrencies also allows for more privacy and security when moving your money.

This method is also one of the cheapest you could use. With little to no transaction fees, it’s easy to see why so many people gravitate towards this option for online betting.


When it comes to payment options, there’s definitely no shortage of e-wallets available. All kinds of online accounts can be linked to your bank account through them, and you’re in full control of how much money moves in and out of the digital wallet.

A significant benefit is not having to enter all kinds of details over and over again. For example, if you get new banking details, instead of changing them on every site you’ve entered your details into, you only have to change it in your e-wallet.

The charges for transactions are low and vary depending on which digital wallet you choose to use. You can send virtually any amount of money to another account. It can sometimes be as low as £2.

Like cryptocurrencies, e-wallets keep your betting transactions separate from your everyday bank transactions giving you more privacy and security. This payment option also helps transfer money into a different currency if you’re betting through a site outside of your country.

Cash Alternatives

Services like Paysafecard have become quite popular on sport betting sites. This kind of payment method is for people who want to bet in cash but don’t want to use an online account. Most cash alternatives will have no fee, and the minimum deposit will be similar to bank cards.

Some bookies permit you to use a sign-up bonus with this payment method. If you intend to use this method, make sure you find out the limitations placed on this option by the betting site.

Credit and debit cards

One of the most common payment methods found on sport betting websites is credit and debit cards. It’s difficult to say which cards are best because each provider and card type result in different fees and limits.

Using debit cards, you can fund your betting account straight from the bank. It’s also one of the easiest and safest ways to deposit into your gambling account. This method’s most significant benefit is that you’ll be rarely charged by bookmakers to use this service, and they have the lowest minimums.

To avoid your bank fees, ensure that you’re funding your betting account with the same currency and that you have a positive balance.

Credit cards have the same benefits as debit cards in terms of fees and safety. They’re widely used globally and by many betting sites. However, the UK banned this method from betting sites earlier in 2020.

This was done after 22% of problem gamblers were found to use credit cards to fund their gambling accounts. If you’re in the UK, you’ll need to use a different payment method. Even if you’re not, sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission can’t take credit cards either, so keep an eye out for this.

Physical Cheque

This is an infrequent option given by bookies. It’s the slowest and least safe method offered by betting sites. Before you can even place your first bet, you’d have to mail the check to your bookie and wait for the funds to clear.

A similar process would have to be followed to withdraw your funds, although this is a more scarce option given by bookies. The draw for people who use this method is zero fees or lack of technology involved, even though the pros barely outweigh the cons.

Impact of Payment Methods on Low Deposit Bookmakers

You may be looking for a 25 minimum deposit sportsbook in a specific currency, or you may be searching for bookmakers with a minimum deposit of £2.

However, you still need to check what payment methods they support as these payment options affect both the minimum deposit amount and the minimum allowed withdrawal.

For instance, you can easily find a $5 minimum deposit sportsbook as most credit card companies allow bookmakers to accept minimum deposits in this price range. Therefore, you can start online sports betting with a low minimum deposit using your debit or credit card.

Deposits through popular bank cards such as VISA, Mastercard, and American Express are instant, and you can also deposit money through a prepaid card like Paysafecard.

Betting sites that let you deposit less than £5 will usually require payments through a debit or a credit card. The average withdrawal and minimum deposit amounts are higher if you use an e-wallet.

You should better look for a sportsbook with a $10 minimum deposit if you plan to use an online payment service. Once you’ve opened an account with a low deposit sportsbook, you can send money to your account using other methods that permit for smaller deposits, however.

Payment services such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, which used to have higher deposit and withdrawal minimums, are implementing new customer retention strategies, though. Thus, they gradually allow lower minimums for both depositing and withdrawing money.

A major advantage of using an online or mobile payment method for funding your account is that these payment processors are free to use.

Still, you should be aware that some bookmakers don’t provide first deposit and first bet bonuses to punters who have opened an account through an e-wallet.

One more thing to know is while most payment methods allow equivalent minimum deposit and minimum withdrawal amounts, you may still find differences between the permitted minimum deposit and withdrawal.

Some payment processing services set higher withdrawal limits than the amount you are allowed to deposit at a bookmaker. For instance, you can have an account with a $10 minimum deposit at the sportsbook, where the minimum withdrawal is $25 or more.

Low Deposit Bookmakers and Minimum Bets

As we mentioned, a low deposit sportsbook usually provides low minimum bets as well. With a minimum deposit one sports betting, you can place stake amounts as low as cents or pennies, but you should be aware that these betting amounts depend on the local market and the specific sport you are betting on.

As a rule, the lowest stakes are available on top sports where millions of wagers are being placed daily, while other sporting events may offer much higher minimum bets.

Also, you need to check what the minimum bet amount on singles is as it may differ from the total stake amount you can place through a multiple bet.

As more and more sportsbooks offer live streaming of sports events and mobile betting, you can see additional minimum bet amounts for watching a game live or in-game betting. Check these in advance to get the most out of any low deposit bookmaker.

How to Make the Most of Small Bets

You might think there’s no power behind making a small bet, but there is. By placing a minimal wager and then another, you’re able to gain insight and skill without taking on considerable risk.

This is an especially good tactic for new players or experts who are trying something new.

To understand how to pick a winning team or athlete, you’ll need to have a good knowledge base on what you’re gambling on. It’s not always possible to gain this by sitting on the sidelines and just studying the numbers.

Another good idea is to focus on a small area. Instead of betting on multiple teams or sports, rather focus on the games; get to know the best or use statistics to select one team at first.

Specializing puts you at a significant advantage as it increases your chances of winning.

Use smaller amounts to make sure that you can place multiple bets before you run out of your bank roll. This can play in your favour; the longer you stay in the game, the more likely it is that you’ll pick a winning bet.

An excellent strategy to have is taking the amount of money in your bankroll and dividing it by the number of times you’d like to bet.

By doing this, you’ll know the max wager you can make per game. Of course, you have to remember that bookies have minimum bets of their own, so make sure your stake is above it.

If you ‘re more of a risk-taker, you can make multiple small bets on a single game. This is known as a parlay. Even though these are among the most profitable for earning through small stakes, they can often result in a loss. The reason for this is because either every single bet made wins or you lose all your money in one go.

Sign Up Bonuses from Low Deposit Bookies

In the world of betting, getting a sign-up bonus is nothing out of the ordinary. These offers are usually available to a customer once and are mainly designed to attract new customers to low deposit bookies.

The main types of sign up bonuses you can receive from a bookie are free bets, refund bonuses, and first deposit bonuses.

Free bets are given when you register to a betting site. You usually get this offer after several conditions are met in the form of a qualifying bet or wagering requirement. With this bonus, you either get an amount of money that you can use to bed, or you get tokens if your first bet is a losing one.

A standard bonus for bookmakers to give to customers is the refund bet. The way these rewards work is if the first bet you make after registering loses, then you’ll receive your stake back.

This is often seen as a favourite among customers because even if you don’t win, there’s no loss of money.

The most well-known reward is the deposit bonus. This is usually reserved for new customers. This offer can double the amount of your initial deposit up to a certain point. Experienced gamblers favour a prize like this, but newer ones can also enjoy this reward as it creates a nice amount of bankroll for the player.

In some cases, there’ll be more than one deposit bonus. Some sites give this kind of reward up to the 4th payment. The money you get from these codes tends to be less than the first one but still quite enticing. For example, the first deposit will be a 100% match while the 2nd deposit will be a 75% match.

Of course, nothing is 100% free, and there are often conditions attached to the bonuses. You’ll often see a minimum bet requirement, a time frame during which an offer is valid, or steps required to qualify for the prize.

It’s difficult to say which type of bonus is best for you, so here’s a basic breakdown of why one type is considered better than the others. It all comes down to personal taste and your betting needs.

The most basic information to look at is how much money you can get from a single bonus. These offers can range from $10 to $100 or more.

Most people will gravitate towards a reward that gives them more money, but it’s not always that simple. Depending on the requirements attached, going for a slightly lower bonus amount will prove to be more profitable.

The type of reward being offered can also determine which bonus is better. Refund bets are a bit better than free bets because you’re guaranteed to get your wager back even if you lose. For most gamblers, a deposit bonus is the best because you immediately get additional money from the bookie.

The final thing you can look at is the conditions attached to the promotions. For a low deposit bookie, the minimum deposit required bonuses are the best. There’s very little required from you to meet the conditions.

Rewards with a time limit can be troublesome because it forces you to wager if you want the benefits. They also tend to be event-specific to create buzz around a particular upcoming match or tournament.

The least rewarding bonus would be the one where you have to follow several steps to get your reward. Depending on the bookie if you don’t comply with the instructions, then you lose your bonus all together. Others might require you to start the process again.

You might also be limited to specific events of which you have no interest or knowledge. This applies to all bonus codes. The best thing you can do is thoroughly go through the conditions before accepting the reward.

Other Bonuses with Minimum Deposit Bookies

New customers aren’t the only people who can benefit from bonuses. There are often special promos offered by bookmakers available on betting sites. Many of these rewards are given to loyal customers or players who have been inactive for a while.

No deposit bonuses are considered rare unless they’re given to new customers. Even though these don’t require a deposit or minimum bet, there are still terms and conditions you have to comply with, usually in the form of wagering requirements.

Money back or win-win bet bonuses are similar to refund bonuses. You can make a wager and if it loses the bookie will return your money. For this reward, there is no requirement to meet wagering conditions.

The win-win stakes bookmakers often return the money as free bets. In the case of winning you’ll get a net gain but stake return as a free bet is becoming more popular now.

You’ll also find bonuses that are linked to special events or big tournaments. These promotions from bookies are related to different competitions, for example, getting a reward for best forecast or highest odds of winning parlay.

For players who enjoy gambling more often may prefer to reload bonus codes. Depending on the sports betting site, these kinds of bonuses are either standard or are offered occasionally.

Anyone with this kind of bonus code is allowed to enjoy additional money added to their bankroll whenever they make any deposit.

The difference between this reward and first deposit bonuses is that they’re usually slightly smaller and are subject to a rollover. The reason for the rollover is to stop customers from making a deposit, claiming the bonus, then withdrawing the entire amount without wagering it.

Minimum Deposit Withdrawal – take caution!

Before you take out your money, make sure you know everything about the terms and conditions of making a withdrawal from a sports betting site. The last thing you want is a delay in receiving your own money.

When it comes to online gambling, one of the most common conditions a player has to meet is a wagering requirement. Most of the time, this refers to bonuses, but they can be applied to withdrawals as well.

For example, let’s say you deposit $50 into your gambling bankroll but only use and lose $25. After this you decide to withdraw what’s left in your account but when you do you get an email saying that you haven’t met the withdrawal wagering requirement.

Depending on the site you may have to wager a certain percentage of what is in your account if not the entire balance to withdraw any funds. Knowing this kind of information before making a deposit could influence how much you’re willing to put into your gambling account.

The time it takes to receive your money heavily depends on the betting site as well as the withdrawal option. Many methods are instant or can be completed in at least 1-2 business days. Another thing you should consider is if you can withdraw funds over the weekend and banking holidays.

Withdrawal limits not only refer to how much money you can take out at a time but also how often you can make this transaction. Payment methods are usually the reason why there is a max limit allowed. For example, you can probably take out more money through an e-wallet than a wire transfer.

It’s also important to note that you should always leave enough money in your account after you make a withdrawal. This is to ensure that you’ll still be able to make bets while your request is being processed.

Some people are not aware, but many sport betting sites won’t allow you to make a withdrawal after you’ve made a deposit. You’ll have to wait for your account to be topped up before you can cash out.

How often you can make these withdrawals usually depends on the betting site. This is likely to control how many requests have to be processed at a time. If you’re not looking to keep your money in your bankroll for too long, make sure you know the limits to avoid a delay in receiving your funds.

For sports betting the type of event could quickly determine the withdrawal limits. Massive games like football, horse racing, tennis, and golf have huge payouts that can be as high as $2,000,000 depending on the gambling site.

The thing to look out for here is the minimum withdrawal which might be a little high. Opt for websites that give lower payouts for the same sports to make sure that you’ll be able to meet the minimum withdrawal limit.

Anyone who’s made a transfer of any kind will know that there’s always a fee attached. These kinds of costs vary between each payment option. Certain e-wallet, credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies usually have little to no fees while payment through wire transfers are going to cost you quite a lot.

Sport betting sites often have a table listing their available payment options as well as all the information mentioned above. It’s there for you to know all of this information before you make any decision involving your money.


Sports betting sites with low deposits are available and suitable for any type of punter. The very fact that a good number of the leading world bookmakers are now accepting lower deposits and offer low minimum bets speaks for itself.

You aren’t limited to a specific currency or country when taking advantage of online sports betting low minimum deposit as long as you are eligible to place bets with one of the many low deposit sportsbooks available online.

Also, online bookmakers’ minimum deposit depends on the market and the sport and your payment method, so the lowest minimum deposit sportsbook available to you will vary.

Finally, when you are looking for an online sportsbook with a low minimum deposit, you need to check their gambling license and explore their withdrawal requirements and restrictions.

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  • Holmar says:

    Thanks a lot for the valuable information. I have always wondered which are the betting sites with low deposits. It is understandable it depends from the chosen payment method. I didn’t know that the minimum 888sport deposit is £5 only. I usually go for Skrill deposit.

  • Sassy K. says:

    Hello! I want to gamble a bit for entertainment, and I expect to lose everything I deposit, that’s why I wanted to ask which kind of gambling are the most enjoyable – slots, roulette, or sports betting. I’d like to bet minimum amount of $0.20-0.30 This will be awesome since I’m planning to put in like $25-30 max. I’ll try some bookmaker of your list of low deposit betting sites.

  • Georges says:

    You are describing why we need low deposit betting sites. I think depositing small amounts of money into your gambling account is a technique that keeps your money but if you wish to gamble with a small amount you just have to set some betting limits on your account

  • Leif says:

    I’m a student from Europe. I am interested in opening an account with some of the betting sites listed above. I am just pretty overwhelmed by all the bookmakers and their demands. I am looking for an easy way to start betting with a small account (maybe 5 euro first deposit) to dip my feet in the water.

  • Markus says:

    In Canada I use Shakepay to buy Bitcoins then send it to Betonline AG. When I withdraw I send it to my Blockchain wallet. I think the minimum Betonline deposit requirement is $10 and by signing up you are able to put some of their bonus codes. I suggest you do that before making a deposit.

  • Sergio says:

    If you don’t have a lot of money, and you want to bet on sports, you can start betting with small amounts and use some of these low deposit betting sites. I do like sports betting a lot, and I bet on many sports with small amounts of money. My bets usually are on baseball and football

  • Mateus says:

    Sports betting is a marathon and not a sprint. You should start with small stakes, like 1-10 precent of your bankroll and try to increase it from there. It’s very easy to deposit a big amount of money and lose everything. Betting small amounts is the way you should play

  • Moni says:

    Thanks for writing this article for low deposit bookmakers! Reading this as a professional gambler I want to encourage all of you to start betting with small amounts of money if you do not have any previous experience. Lots of gamblers are depositing and wagering big amounts, but that way you can lose everything!

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