Meaning of Gambling Tattoos

Last Modified on 5/9/2019

Gambling tattoos and the meaning underneath

My body is a temple and my tattoos are the story.
My luck is a religion and my wagers are the faith.

Ink on skin and bets on paper aren't so different in people's minds. Psychologically speaking tattoo enthusiasts and punters have similar decision making process when it goes down to ink and odds. Tattooing yourself or gambling money could be read as the same thing when it comes to playing with the unknown - just as a tattoo has to be done to be seen so is the outcome of a bet. And not surprising there are numerous gambling tattoos on people's bodies around the world. Black and white tattoos or vividly colorful, you can see all kinds of gambling symbols. In this piece we have gathered some of the most popular gambling tattoos and the meaning behind them.

The Ace of Spades

Not like the song hasn't propelled this symbol to widely known and recognized (referring to Motherhead`s Ace of Spades) but on top of this you can see it on millions of people's skin. Interestingly this symbol has a double meaning of good luck and death...yep! the Grim Reaper. This symbol was saturated during the Vietnam war, when US soldiers did paint the Ace of Spades on their helmets to intimidated their enemy. For Vietnamese it meant death and for the US marines it was luck.


Slot machines are the most played gambling game in the world. While slot machine tattoo isn't easy to find, the all mighty cherries, which are the bringer of big wins in the game, are well celebrated by people and their ink. Three cherries in a row is a dreamy sight to witness especially if it's your money on the line and that is why a cherry tattoo is considered a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Eight Ball

We can't do such a piece on tattoos and gambling and not include the eight ball. Interestingly this symbol has the double connotation of good and bad fortune. In pool, sinking the eight last is how you win, but doing it prematurely is how you lose. So actually the eight ball tattoo is considered a symbol of chance, whether good or bad is up to you.


An old but gold. The dice game has been with us since forever. The dices are the doorstep to the unknown. While in your hand the small cubes aren't charged with anything but when thrown the dices are one of the most invigorating games. The tattoo design of flaming dice represents good luck or passion for gambling. 

Lady luck

The image of a beautiful woman sitting around dices, chips, cards and piles of gold. Lady luck is a pretty straightforward symbol of good and lucrative fortune.

The Joker

Thankfully Jared Leto couldn`t destroy the image of the feared and loved Joker. The Joker smiling out of a poker card is a gambling tattoo symbol of good luck but also of malice and deception and aren't these needed when it comes to poker?

The Sevens

The magic number. Billions of people consider the number seven as extraordinary and exceptional. Seven means good luck on the skin and on the craps table.

Poker Chips

If you want to know the meaning behind the poker chips tattoo you have to go and win big in a poker game. When you have the biggest stack of chips out of the others then you will know everything about the poker chips tattoo design.

These are some of the most recognizable gambling tattoo symbols but don't take our list for granted. Tattooing yourself is a personal thing and so is luck. Different people, different gambling tattoos. If you are considering a tattoo, see what others have done but make your own design at the end just how we make our own luck. Oh, and don't forget to moisturize it the first week and no sunshine either, okay?