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Last Modified on 2/6/2019

Top 5 Offshore Sportsbooks

We've created a list with trustworthy offshore sportsbooks that are absolutely safe to deposit your funds. We've tested everything - deposit methods and speed of withdrawals, verification process, bonus offers, odds quality, betting markets and live betting experience. We summed up the most important things that gamblers must consider before choosing an offshore betting website:

  • wide range of deposit methods
  • easy verification process
  • welcome bonus with less rollover requirements
  • high stakes limit
  • wide variety of betting markets

Take a look at our recommended 4 offshore sportsbooks and choose the one that suits you best.

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Why Bookmakers Choose to Operate in Offshore Country

First of all we need to take a deeper look at what exactly offshore company means. Known also like tax havens offshore countries are these that offer international companies anonymity and low taxes. According to Wikipedia there are more than fifty offshore countries but the most important throughout gambling sites are Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Costa Rica, Curacao, Gibraltar, Isle Of Man, Malta and Panama.

After knowing that the answer is easy - because of the low taxes. For example Pinnacle Sports pays only 2% of their net profit to the government of Curacao. Most of the bookmakers regulated in Europe pay more than 10% of their net profit and in addition there is a license fee paid annually, and fees to every sports organization for the sports provided in the bookie. The difference is huge and is no wonder that offshore sportsbooks offer better odds and account limitations are rare thing. recently revealed that UK bookmakers and casinos avoid around £1bn taxes per year only by offshoring online gambling.

There is something more that offshore bookmakers are trying to avoid using this offshore locations and these are the US strict gambling laws. Every online gambler in USA knows that Betonline or NitrogenSports are accepting clients from America. The US government is involved in constant pursuit of these illegal online gambling but nothing has changed and we believe this is a never ending cat-and-mouse game.

Let's take a look a the most important offshore countries for bookmakers:

Curacao Offshore Sportsbooks

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Antigua and Barbuda Offshore Sportsbooks

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Panama Offshore Sportsbooks

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Costa Rica Offshore Sportsbooks

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Gibraltar Offshore Bookmakers

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November 22, 2017


okay folks. the Australian government want to restrict the offshore bookies. And what? Betonline, Cloudbet, Nitrogensports can be used with vpn from Australia and the problem is solved. Which Aussie bookie offers $2500 sign up bonus ??? give me a name please. And is not true that offshore bookies are not legit. they are legit as hell and I have never had a delayed payout. no verification, no scam. VIVA LA OFFSHORE BOOKIES