Here we will explain what professional bettors are looking for in an online bookmaker and some of the sites that cater specifically to their needs. A lot of online bookmakers do not like professional bettors as they tend to win too often and reduce their profit margins. They do not provide the service that a professional bettor is looking for and they are happy with that.

A professional bettor takes wagering very seriously. For some, betting on sports events is their prime source of income (sometimes their only source of income) and they need to use online betting sites that cater to their needs. The vast majority of sports bettors are casual and will be happy to use most reputable online bookmakers.

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No Limits on Bets

A professional bettor usually wants the ability to place large bets if their strategy dictates this. Most online bookmakers impose limits on large bets but there are some that will allow unlimited bets. For some professional bettors, being able to place large bets on sports will mean the difference when trying to achieve their profit targets.

For the few online bookmakers that do allow professional bettors to place very large bets, these may be limited to specific sports such as NBA games, MLB games, NFL games and top flight soccer matches for example. Sometimes these bookmakers will allow large bets on certain tennis matches as well.

Long Term Professional Betting and Arbitrage Betting

Many professional bettors use a long-term strategy with their betting. This is also known as β€œsharp action”. The online bookmakers that are happy to deal with professional bettors tend to monitor their activity and may even change their odds as the result of a long-term bet placed.

A lot of professional bettor’s place arbitrage bets. They place a bet on all outcomes of a sports event with different arbitrage bookmakers so that they will turn a profit whatever the final result. The odds are carefully calculated and the amounts of the bets so that the professional bettor cannot lose. Most of the conventional bookmakers will ban anyone they suspect of arbitrage betting.

High Limit Withdrawals

Professional bettors want to work with online bookmakers that will allow them to make large withdrawals fast. They will not want to bet with a bookmaker that charges for withdrawals as this will make a dent in their profits.

Bet with Cryptocurrency

Many professional bettors are seeing the advantages of betting with cryptocurrency. A lot of cryptocurrency sportsbooks allow cryptocurrency betting to be performed anonymously which helps to keep the professional bettor under the radar. In addition to this, deposits and withdrawals tend to be quicker with cryptocurrency than with fiat currency methods.

Laying Bets

There is a good reason why betting exchanges are popular with professional bettors. You can play the role of the bookmaker when you lay bets. A betting exchange is just the middleman so there are no limits on the size of bets placed.

Some professional bettors make good profits from making traditional bets on sportsbooks and laying the same bet on a betting exchange. This is arbitrage betting as the professional punter calculates everything precisely so that they cannot lose.

The Best Odds and a Wide Market Selection

The savvy professional bettor will look for online bookmakers that offer the best odds for sports events and a wide selection of different markets. These things mean that the professional bettor has more options for making a profit.


Pinnacle is an online bookmaker that a lot of professional bettors use. They welcome professional gamblers and are confident in their ability to price their markets properly and manage risk effectively.

Another reason that Pinnacle accepts professional bettors is because it helps them to provide the most effective prices. Pinnacle will also allow the placing of large wagers on sports events and they have a very efficient withdrawal process that the professionals appreciate.

Betting Exchanges

The biggest betting exchange in the world is Betfair. There are usually large amounts of money in the pot for the major markets so the professional bettor will have good options for betting or laying. Other betting exchanges worthy of note for professionals are Smarkets and Betdaq.

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