If you’re searching where to play skill games for money you’ve found the right page. Check our list with the best websites that offer skill games.

Skill games for money

There is no need to be a sports expert to make money through gambling. A good number of online casinos and bookmakers have offers to play skill games for money either against a machine or against fellow gamblers.

Free to play skill game sites were among the pioneer online services that emerged as early as in the 1990s and online casinos gradually started offering real-money skill games in the ensuing years.

As opposed to sports betting and casino games such as roulette and baccarat, the outcome of skill games depends solely on your skills in playing a specific game. Many gamblers are able to make decent profit playing only games of skill, eliminating the random element associated with sports betting, slots or even poker.

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Games of skill vs. games of chance

A pure game of skill is one where the final score is determined exclusively by your skills as a player. Examples of such games include chess or checkers. These ancient games both exclude any element of randomness and only your skills matter.

Furthermore, some skill games include a random component. For example, one of the popular skill games to make money is backgammon but there you have to roll dices, which introduces a random element in a game that still requires good knowledge of different game strategies to win. The same applies to other skill games such as contract bridge, poker, spades or dominoes.

Other games are true games of chance where your skills do not matter at all and the outcome depends entirely on your luck. Some examples of such games include the card game War, all slot games, roulette and the dice game Craps.

Types of skill games for money

A novice gambler would be surprised how many various skill games are available to play for free or for reward. Online skill games for real money include arcade games, card games, game shows, word games, strategy and board games, and more recently fantasy sports.

All these game types require a certain skill level for the player to win and while some of them have a random element, you still cannot make money if you are not well equipped to play the specific game.

Arcade games for money

The age of arcade games started a few decades ago with the emergence of pinball machines and simple but attractive PC games on a later stage.

Yes, you can play pinball for real money but the more popular games in this category include games such as Keno or Tetris. Other examples include classic video games like Arkanoid or Asteroids that were particularly popular a few decades ago and would appeal to middle-aged gamblers worldwide.

A very popular online skill game for real money is Bejeweled, which is widely available online.

The novelty in the casino arcade games is that you play against an opponent and not against a computer; thus, the outcome depends on each player’s skills.

Board games for money

Board games are probably the oldest type of games where gambling is involved since the dawn of times. You can find numerous board skill games for money at most online casinos as these games are extremely popular due to most of them eliminating any element of chance in the game.

The most popular board skill games for money are chess, backgammon and dominoes. The latter has a random element in it but still requires advanced skills to win in the long run. Another game of pure skill is checkers that is very simple to play but you still need to master the game before you start making money with checkers.

We should add Monopoly to the list of skill games as growing number of sites offer to play this popular chance-and-skill game for real money. You can also find skill game sites that offer real money for playing mahjong, reversi or Go but these games are less common when real online money are involved.

Card skill games for money

As we said, card games are usually of a hybrid type that combines both skills and elements of chance. Nonetheless, even an unlucky player can win a run of games if he has the skills to play his hands wisely.

There are two main approaches to game of skill gambling when card games are concerned. You can either take part in a live tournament where you play directly against real gamblers or the casino deals the same hand to all the players who then play against a computer.When you play against a peer gambler, the one who wins gets the money.

When you play against a computer, the scores and times of all players are compared to determine the final winner. You should know that some card games tournaments for real money disburse rewards for second and third place, etc.

Examples of card skill games you can play for real money online include poker, contract bridge, spades, solitaire, rummy and its canasta variation, tonk and others.

Game show games for money

Almost any land-based and biggest online casino offers a sort of a game-show game such as Wheel of Fortune. Game show-themed games have gradually entered the online space and now many gambling operators offer game of skill gambling that is based on popular game shows.

Along with Wheel of Fortune, skill game sites offer variations of popular TV games such as Family Feud, The Price Is Right, Jeopardy or Catch-21. These games are designed to test your overall knowledge or your familiarity with a certain topic and thus are considered games of skill.

Usually, you play against another player and then you collect points based on your game score. Then, you can exchange these points for real cash you can withdraw.

Word games for money

Word games are among the most popular casual games and, naturally, skill game sites started offering versions where you can play word skill games for money.

Usually, you play world skill games to make money by entering an online tournament where your score is calculated against other online players who are given the same or similar words or word puzzles to deal with.

When playing skill games like Scrabble and Boggle, you pay an entry fee that forms the prize pool of the game. Then, those who qualify as winners get a percentage of the piled funds in accordance with rules that are set in advance.

Many sites do not offer cash but other prizes for playing popular word games.

Fantasy sports and worlds for money

Fantasy sports and fantasy worlds are relatively new addition to the world of online skill games for real money. They have become widely popular in the past decade when numerous bookmakers and sports channels started offering fantasy leagues where players can compete for cash or prizes. For their part, fantasy worlds as skill games to make money are one of the newest methods to make money using your skills in a particular game, usually an online strategy.

With fantasy sports and leagues, you can make money by selecting a team, buying and selling players, and betting on outcomes of matches. Most fantasy sports are based on real leagues and use real players. The most popular fantasy leagues include the NHL, NBA, NHL, NBL as well as numerous national football leagues across the world.

Your score is determined against other players who participate in the respective league and then winnings are calculated as percentage of the prize pool, down the rooster.

Fantasy worlds are another beast. There you compete against other online players to expand your kingdom, make more virtual money, win battles and anything else the specific virtual world requires from a player to win. Some fantasy world tournaments are limited in time while others may last for a year or so.

US games of skill for money

Game of skill gambling is estimated to gross some $3 billion in the United States in 2017. It is a growing market as playing skill games for money is legal in most states across the US.

No federal legislation bans you from playing or hosting real money skill games over the Internet. On the other hand, there are states that ban online betting on any type of game, so check what your local state legislation stipulates in regard to placing online and offline wagers.

US residents should always have these regulations in mind when searching for skill games for money near me.

Real money skill game sites worldwide

Most countries around the world do allow you to play skill games for money, as they are not considered games of chance or games that involve betting. Still, you need to check your local gambling legislation to find out whether you are allowed to play skill games for money.

Also, some of the skill games we mentioned above may be permitted in your location while others might be subject to restrictions. It all depends on the specific national regulations.

Skill games for money are increasingly available through both online casinos and specialized websites. You can play skill games for money almost anywhere in the world, as most countries do not restrict these types of games. As for depositing and withdrawing money to and from skill game websites, most of them accept debit and credit cards as well as online wallets such as PayPal.

Although some experts consider skill games as an interlude to sports betting and gambling, many players just stick to pure skill games to make money online.

It is not impossible to make decent side income playing a skill game in which you are particularly good but bear in mind that most sites require entry fee and you should also calculate all fees associated with withdrawing your winnings to calculate your real profit.

As skill games are extremely popular among all ages and nations, you can consider taking advantage of one of the many available bookmakers where you can hone up your skills for free. It is a good idea because when you play skill games for money you need to be really good in that particular game, be it backgammon, scrabble, dominoes or spades.

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