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Water polo betting

The origin of the water polo is going back to the late 19th century when a Scottish swimming teacher, called William Wilson, invented the game, initially naming it aquatic football. This is a sport played in a pool with each team consisting of seven players. The objective of each side is to score more goals than the opponent by throwing the ball into the opposite net.

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The water polo match traditionally has four periods with two-minute breaks between them. The length of each quarter depends on the level of the competition – they can be either eight minutes each (Olympic games, other elite tournaments, and domestic championships) or five minutes (teams under 14).

Unlike other sports, players’ positions in water polo are not fixed. The only one with a fixed position is the goalkeeper, while the other six competitors are allocated around the pool with attacking or defensive roles.

During the match, players are not allowed to touch the bottom or the side of the pool. The ball can only be pushed or carried by only one hand and it needs to stay above the surface of the water.

Betting on water polo

Rarely will bookmakers offer tempting offers on water polo betting as it isn’t the most popular sport and doesn’t have a very high turnover. Yet, common markets are available in most of the bookmakers, such as in the bet365 water polo section, and punters can find opportunities to place interesting wagers.

The most attractive water polo betting odds are presented during summer Olympic Games which are held every four years. Throughout Olympics, punters can choose from various wagers and if sufficiently prepared, they can make decent profits.

Another major event is the FINA Water Polo World League which has started in 2002 and attracts some of the biggest nations in the sport. You can also find bets on the biggest European domestic leagues.

Main bets on water polo

  • Match bets, also known as straight up bets – you will be betting on the outcome of the fixture. You have to guess who will be the winner of the game or whether it will end in a draw which in water polo doesn’t happen very often, hence the odds for this market are quite attractive.
  • Bets on total score – bettors make a prediction of the total points that both teams will score. The bookmaker will provide a specific number and gamblers have to guess whether it will be more or less than this figure. This market is also known as Over/Under.
  • Prop bets – these are bets that sportsbooks choose on their own. For instance, markets can vary from a particular number of points of a specific player to the correct score result at a certain period of the match.

Water polo tips

You should always compare odds of different bookmakers and choose the one that offers the highest payout. Moreover, it will be very helpful to get familiar with the teams you want to bet on, its previous performance and whether they have any key injured players. Having up-to-the-minute information can be crucial for the successful outcome of your wagers.

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