Taking advantage of Boku payment betting

Bookmakers and sportsbooks worldwide are increasingly adopting innovative payment methods. Bettors are now able to make wagers and withdraw winning bets in seconds by using online payment wallets such as Boku. Actually, Boku is a bit different compared to online betting payment processors like PayPal as they in fact provide mobile payments through your wireless number.

What is Boku

The San Francisco based company is offering a global payment service where you can purchase goods and services on the web while the cost of the purchases is added to your mobile phone bill. They offer a full-scale service covering consumer payments, merchant services, and services for carriers. Boku operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and collaborates with over 170 telecom carries all over the world.

The company enables gamblers to take advantage of Boku betting at bookmakers and mobile casino sites allowing also purchases on gaming sites and social networks. In fact, they act as intermediary between you and the bookmaker enabling you to deposit cash from your mobile phone. The service is free to use for consumers as sportsbook houses and online casino cover the cost of the money transfer.

The service is available to both gamblers that have a monthly mobile contract and bettors that use a Pay As You Go device. If you are using a Pay As You Go service, you just need to make sure that your mobile credit is sufficient to cover the deposit. Thus, you can safely bet using mobile phone credit.

How Boku payment betting works

You can start using Boku payment betting right away without entering sensitive personal or bank details. Unlike traditional payment methods, Boku betting sites will accept bets and deposits by simply charging your wireless account, no bank account or credit card details are required. Of course, you must have a valid account with the respective Boku bookmakers to make a wager.

Boku’s 1-Tap payments system does not require entering of financial details, no registration is needed, and purchases are made with a single tap on your mobile screen. This approach results in very fast purchases for bettors without jeopardizing your security and privacy.

You cannot make withdrawals, however, to your mobile phone. Boku bookmakers offer alternative withdrawal methods with Boku betting. Those methods range from traditional bank transfer to online payment services such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and many others.

How to bet at Boku bookmakers

First, you should open a free account with Boku. They will validate your details and you can start taking advantage of Boku payment betting in minutes.

Once you have a valid Boku account, you can make purchases and place wagers after you confirm the amount you are depositing at a sportsbook. Their system is sending a confirmation text message for each betting deposit you make. The cash is reaching the betting house only upon confirmation at your side. Boku then adds the amount to your monthly mobile bill. It is as simple as that.

Furthermore, you can use the Boku payment service to purchase goods and services on virtually mobile device. For example, you can make wagers at leading bookmakers taking advantage of bet365 Boku services, -William Hill Boku services, and Paddy Power Boku services.

Gamblers are able to use these services using a smartphone, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, as well as devices such as smart TVs and game consoles. Other online services that accept Boku payments include Facebook, Spotify, and gaming company Blizzard. Google, Apple, and Microsoft also accept Boku payments.

The service is working with leading mobile networks such as O2, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, T Mobile, NTT Docomo, and TIM that operate worldwide. Therefore, you can make bets at Boku bookmakers all over the world.

Advantages of Boku payment betting

A number of Boku payment betting advantages are obvious to any gambler. First of all, registering for the service is extremely easy and while hundreds of bookmakers that accept Boku are available worldwide.

Then, you can make wagers through Boku on the go and with just a few clicks on your mobile device. It does not require entering debit or credit card details, which is of great use if you are betting while commuting, for example.

Moreover, the bookmaker does not get access to your bank details when making bets with Boku. This way, you minimize the risks associated with data leaks or hacking attempts.

You can also set a personal Boku payment limit to track your online betting spending and online purchases. You can set a depositing limit by contacting your mobile phone operator while some operators may provide you with an option to limit your Boku spending yourself.

Another advantage is that you are not limited to using Boku under a fixed mobile contract only. By depositing enough funds at your mobile operator, you can conveniently bet using mobile phone credit make wagers using a Pay as You Go mobile device.

Boku advantages for merchants and bookmakers

As far as online betting and purchase of services is concerned, Boku offers certain advantages to bookmakers and online merchants as well. Their service does not require installation of a mobile app and does not feature a paid subscription.

Sportsbooks and bookmakers are able to use their customers’ mobile number as user ID, contact, and payment method, which streamlines the entire registrant process and also makes it easy for bettors to register for making wagers.

Boku Checkout is a simple checking out service where gamblers do not enter sensitive financial details but instead gamble right from their mobile phones. This makes Boku payment betting a universal service available at a global scale.

To conclude, Boku is developing at fast pace with the company reporting over $1 billion in payment volume in 2017. Bookmakers that accept Boku are also growing in numbers as mobile phone penetration grows and more operators start offering Boku as online payment method.

Check our extensive list of Boku bookmakers to find reputable sportsbooks that are accepting Boku as a secure method for making betting deposits.

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