Are you looking for betting sites that don’t ask for ID? Check our list of reliable casino and gambling sites and place your bets without being bothered.

In a world that’s rapidly going online, gamblers are spoilt for choice with thousands of bookmakers available at their fingertips. There are so many excellent sports betting sites that it can be a daunting task to choose only one. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

That’s precisely what makes it so enticing. You can wager at multiple online bookies as each one offers unique betting, sports, and odds markets to players.

Bookmakers Without Verification

We can assure you that Betonline AG, Cloudbet and Sportsbetting AG are trustworthy betting sites that don’t require ID verification.

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Betonline AGThis bookmaker is know for not requesting any kind of verification documents. In rare ocations you may be asked to provide ID and proof of address.
CloudbetBetting in Cloudbet is anonymous. In rare cases you may be asked to provide a copy of your ID, proof of address or a selfie.
Sportsbetting AGSimilar to Betonline AG you won’t be asked to provide documents for verification.
1xbitBetting is anonymous and ID verification is not required to make a withdrawal.

There are various aspects to consider when choosing which bookmaker to use, such as licensing and ease of use, banking options are equally important. You want to know that depositing and withdrawing are going to be straightforward and safe.

A safe payment solution doesn’t have to mean added time. Some of the best and most trusted withdrawal methods are also counted as the fastest available. At this point, it’s essential to understand that it’s not necessarily the payment provider that makes you wait for your funds to clear.

Many online sportsbooks have compulsory checks in place to ensure three things:

  1. They have to confirm that they’re paying the right person;
  2. Or comply with a KYC procedure according to their licensing agreement;
  3. They must prove you’re above the legal age requirement.

If you’re a regular sports bettor, these verifications count in your favor and ensure your money reaches you safely. The flip-side to these verification processes is that you could be left without an active cashflow when you need it most.

Remember that you need to be at legal age for gambling to register at bookmakers and place bets. Under age gambling is illegal!

Why people search for betting sites without verification

Many players prefer to remain anonymous when making online bets. Luckily, there are many ways to skin this proverbial cat as modern e-wallets and cryptocurrencies provide this layer of identity protection. It’s the fastest way to do so if you want to keep your gambling activities separated from your typical day-to-day finances.

People search for verification-free bookies because they want to make a quick bet on an event without having to worry about uploading multiple docs to its website. It could be that you don’t have the documentation with you at that moment or that you do not possess such documents.

It may sound like an improbable occurrence, but it’s not at all strange for people to, at times, not possess a valid ID or proof of residence. You might be in a time of transitioning and living with friends or family. Your identification documentation could have been stolen. Either way, you want to be able to keep on placing bets on your favorite team, regardless of your circumstances.

Unfortunately, players also abuse sports betting sites and have caused these increased security measures at online bookies. Some of the most common reasons why people try to register at online bookmakers without verification include:

  • Money laundering;
  • Underage gambling;
  • Attempting to bypass a self-exclusion timeframe;
  • Overspending on personal limits.

The top online sportsbooks are licensed and well regulated. For them to remain legal, they have to comply with the KYC processing as prescribed. These processes were set in place specifically to combat these fraudulent practices mentioned above.

One of the most respected licensing authorities, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, states that the minimum information any bookmaker needs to acquire is your full name and surname, your date of birth, and your physical address.

Why do some bookies not require your ID or any other documents?

The information an online bookmaker requires is mostly determined by the license they have in place. They’re not trying to make it more challenging to place a bet on their site; they’re merely abiding by the rules of their licensing bodies.

It’s also why you’ll find particular sportsbooks that are more lenient with the requested information and documentation. Sites like XBet and Melbet, both recognized and trusted by the online community, are two prime examples. Neither of them asks for any form of identification. It’s interesting to note that XBet is licensed in Curacao, while Melbet has a license issued by the Anambra State Gaming Company from Nigeria.

Curacao is known that it’s more lenient towards online punters than other authorities, but don’t be fooled. The Curacao Gaming Commission is amongst the most trusted worldwide. The main reason why operators with their license can offer you faster withdrawals and registration without proof of identity is not because of a lack of due diligence. It’s purely because they only expect it once your withdrawal request is higher than a set amount. It’s the same rule that applies to online bookies with a Malta Gaming Authority license.

In this way, you could make multiple smaller withdrawals without ever having to upload or email a copy of your identification. It’s not set in stone, and most operators might still ask for ID verification within 30 days of you registering or requesting a withdrawal.

Some online bookmakers licensed by the UKGC only require proof of identity when you deposit or withdraw more than 3,000 at a time. 22Bet is an excellent example of such practices and terms.

Unable to verify due to misspelled name or date of birth – what to do?

It’s always vital to supply the correct information when you deal with e-commerce websites. It’s easy to make a mistake when entering your name, identification, social security number, or physical address.

We’re only human, after all. In your haste to make a bet on a game, and in your rush, you press the submit button while there’s still outstanding information required. It’s a good practice to always double-check all your data before submitting it.

You can avoid many frustrations later on by doing it, as it’ll undoubtedly complicate the provider’s side’s verification process. Imagine entering your email address incorrectly and not receiving an online sportsbook activation code to continue playing? Your first thought might be to try and re-register an account. It’ll be difficult as some personal info will already be listed on the site.

It’s not advisable to ever try and do this, as you might violate the T&Cs by duplicating an account. If this is the case, you might be permanently banned from the sportsbook before you even made your first wager.

When this happens, the best solution is to immediately get in touch with the bookie’s customer support team. You can explain what went wrong, and they’ll assist you in rectifying the situation. There are various processes to follow, depending on the info you got wrong.

If you spelled your name incorrectly

It’s a mistake anybody can make, and many do so daily. As your name and surname are the first steps in identifying you, it’s also the most crucial mistake to fix as soon as possible. If you keep on playing and only try to fix it when you want to withdraw, you can expect to be met with more stringent verification required.

The best course of action to take is to notify the customer support team before placing a bet online. If you haven’t placed bets yet or made any deposits, it can be fixed faster. The customer support team might, in this instance, ask you to email or upload a copy of acceptable proof of ID to correct the mistake.

An honest mistake can happen, and if it’s only a spelling mistake, it can be fixed rather effortlessly. If you used a different name altogether, you’d probably be met with some resistance from the online bookie. If you used an alias, the chances are good that the account will be closed, and you’ll be asked to open an account in your correct name.

If you entered the wrong date of birth

Your date of birth is especially important to online sportsbooks, as it’s the proof they need that you’re old enough to gamble on their site. A licensed sportsbook won’t allow any player to continue on its site without validation that you’re of legal age. If they do, it can seriously jeopardize their license.

If you’ve incorrectly entered your date of birth, try to contact the customer support team without delay. They’ll be able to help you correct it so that you can play and make bets without any further hold-ups. You can expect to be asked to provide them with an emailed or uploaded proof of identity.

Wrong physical address

Correcting mistakes you made in your residential address are typically not as time-consuming as the ones above. You’ll most likely be able to correct it under the account settings on your betting account.

Incorrect email address

You won’t be able to activate your new sportsbook account if you’ve entered an incorrect email address. A part of most online bookies’ first-step verification process is to email an activation code as soon as you’ve supplied all relevant information. You then validate the activation by accessing the site from the email.

It’ll be challenging to re-register using the correct email address as you’ve already supplied all other personal info, and you can’t provide duplicate information.

The best way to resolve such a mistake is to contact the customer support team. It’s a good idea at this point to email them as well from the intended email address you want to use. It’ll help them with the verification and can quicken the process.

Which are the best betting sites that don’t require ID

Many online sports betting sites allow you to place bets without verifying your ID. The problem will arise when you want to withdraw any funds. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a place that’ll allow any withdrawals without verifying your ID, unless you’re using cryptocurrencies.

That said, there are online bookmakers that’ll allow you to play and place bets without requesting verification in advance. It’s fun and a quick way to place bets on your favorite sporting event without the hassle of emailing or uploading documents.

As mentioned earlier, you can look for online bookies with limited verification amounts before the withdrawal. You’ll mostly find it from sportsbooks with a Curacao or Malta license. You might feel tempted to sign up at unlicensed providers to skip these steps, but that’s not advisable as your funds aren’t secure.

USA sportsbook without verification – do they exist?

One of the fastest ways to get around verifications is to use cryptocurrencies when making bets at USA online sportsbooks. Due to the decentralized nature of crypto, you never have to use personal information when using this method for e-commerce payments. It’s one of the reasons why so many players and online punters have migrated to using it.

Bitcoin is the best-known cryptocurrency worldwide and is accepted by multiple excellent sportsbooks for deposits and withdrawals. It’s also the fastest way of getting a withdrawal paid out, and it mostly takes only a few hours. There are multiple Bitcoin betting sites available to punters in the USA with excellent betting and sports markets to choose from.

It’s not only punters that realize Bitcoin bookies’ value as more and more online gambling sites prefer this payment method. It allows them to cut through the proverbial ‘red tape’ regulations of traditional financial institutions.

Bitcoin’s anonymous nature makes it possible for the bookie to accept players with merely their email address linked to their Bitcoin wallet. Seeing that Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, the bookmaker don’t have to comply with any Central bank regulations.

This scenario shouldn’t be seen as a way to get around authorities, and it remains imperative that you only place bets with licensed online operators. If you can’t verify that a bookie is indeed regulated, it’s much safer in the long run to choose one that is.

Bookmakers identity check: what can I expect?

There are various ways that bookmakers use to obtain and verify your identity. Not all of them will ask you to upload copies when you register a new account. They realize that if it seems like too much hassle right at the start, you might skip their site and find a less demanding one.

You’ll mostly find that online bookmakers complete the KYC procedures when you request your first withdrawal. They don’t do this to trap you. It’s merely their way of not burdening you if you don’t cash out after making use of their services.

Many punters keep their funds in their online sportsbook accounts for weeks or even months at a time. It’s not abnormal to do so as many sports tournaments present continuous betting markets.

Many gamblers experience difficulties providing the required documents to verify their gambling account at online bookmakers. Others do not wish to provide an online gambling service with sensitive personal official papers or information about their bank account. It’s possible only to place bets at no verification betting sites, but the most popular betting sites will eventually require proof of identification and other details.

How do online betting sites verify my age

Each online bookmaker implements its verification procedure. Still, when verification is required, they’ll request copies of one of the following documents from you to verify your gambling account:

  • Government-issued ID card, passport, or driver’s license
  • Utility bill (heating, water supply, or electricity bill)
  • Bank statement with the logo of your bank and your name
  • Front side of your credit or debit card

Additionally, some betting sites and bookmakers require verification over the phone or through video chat on the internet. Other gambling sites may ask you to take a selfie of yourself and send it along with the other requested documents. Individual bookmakers may go as far as to ask for sending them back a letter with a code provided by them to verify your address.

It’s by no means annoying, but it also jeopardizes your privacy and security in case of a data breach or personal data misappropriation.

That’s why many gamblers are looking for ways to bet anonymously or avoid account verification altogether. However, be aware that sometimes you can start gambling freely after opening an account, and then you might be forced to verify your account upon first withdrawal.

ID check upon withdrawal

Unfortunately, many gambling sites perform ID checks only after you have piled some winnings and then attempt to withdraw them to your bank account, e-wallet, or debit/credit card.

Bookmakers understand that asking for excessive info upon creating a new account would discourage many people from opening an account. That is why only a handful states explicitly from the very start that you must verify your account to withdraw your winnings.

Gambling sites have valid grounds to request verification of who you abut they need to explain the procedure when you create an account with them. Not many follow this best practice.

Usually, you can open a betting account by creating a username and password to access a betting site, and thus you are left with the impression that it is a gambling site with no verification required. While some bookmakers like Bet365 request verification upon your first deposit, most gambling services will not need proof until you try to withdraw funds for the first time.

Therefore, you can end up in a situation where you have winnings to withdraw, but you lack a particular document such as a utility bill to verify your account. As a result, you are unable to cash out your winnings. So, be careful and explore the terms and conditions of the gambling site in advance and their verification procedures, in particular.

On the other hand, there are still online sportsbooks where no documents are required when your first withdrawal request is for a reasonably low amount, say, USD 20 or GBP 20. It works with some bookmakers, but you should be aware that they would probably ask for verification as you request more withdrawals.

ID checks by leading gambling sites

The leading gambling sites apply different approaches to age checks and betting account verification. Bet365, for instance, requires verification after your first deposit. They allow you to deposit money and make wagers without requesting documents, but you’ll need to provide a copy of your ID to remove all the account limits and withdraw money.

On the other hand, if you deposit money at Paddy Power, except for credit/debit card, you can make bets and even withdraw winnings without the need to verify your account immediately. You can remove small sums from an online bookmaker without ID on many occasions, but you need to check if it’s possible first.

Other prominent bookmakers such as Bet-at-home, Betfair, Bwin, Betclic, Intertops, and Offsidebet are requesting submission of various documents to allow you to process your first withdrawal.

All reputable online gambling sites have a sort of know-your-customer (KYC) policy to collect info about their customers. Bookies without KYC policy are the ones that use cryptocurrencies exclusively for deposits and withdrawals. All other gambling sites collect some personal information even though they might not ask for account verification.

In any case, you should be careful with gambling sites with no verification as there are scams around. The same applies to betting sites without age verification because gambling sites are obliged to warn that you need to be of legal age in your location for placing wagers.

Can you use Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to avoid ID checks?

Bitcoin for gambling purposes is legal, and a growing number of online betting sites and sportsbooks are eager to accept deposits in cryptocurrency. There is also an increasing number of online gambling sites that operate entirely in digital currencies, dealing with bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies.

All transactions with bitcoins are entirely anonymous. Sure, there are records stored in the blockchain regarding who is performing transactions. Still, the retrieval of that information is extremely hard unless a high-level government agency has specifically requested the inspection of a specific transaction.

A bitcoin bookmaker bypasses the services of a third-party payment processor or a bank and thus can perform peer-to-peer transactions between the gambling site and the gambler.

There’s no central authority to govern these transactions, and that is why you can deposit and withdraw money without filling any registration forms – the bookies generates a random address for you. You select a password to protect the account. This way, Bitcoin gambling sites are actually bookmakers that don’t check age.

The same is true for bitcoin gambling sites, where you end up with an online bookmaker that doesn’t check age. There is, in fact, no online bookie without an age limit, but by using digital currency for betting, you can circumvent these regulatory limitations.

As most countries in Europe do allow sports betting and gambling as a whole, you can safely bet using a cryptocurrency and rest assured that your betting account is entirely anonymous. It is legal to use bitcoin in the United States, but bettors should check the specific legislation in their respective state of residence as gambling regulations vary by state.

In any case, bitcoin betting is probably the best solution for any gambler who is not willing to provide any ID or personal details for gambling and for bettors who are unable to provide one or more of the requested official papers or proof of address. Cryptocurrency sites are among the best betting sites online to withdraw without sending any documents.

Bookies that don’t request age verification

If you’re using a cryptocurrency to place wagers, you bypass any registration and account verification. There are, however, online bookmakers that don’t check age while accepting deposits and releasing winnings in straight hard currency.

These are mostly European bookmakers that don’t require personal ID documents and proof of address. They check your details through the means of electoral roll registration, and thus they do not ask you to verify your account.

Punters from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Norway are most likely to avoid verification at some online gambling sites that take advantage of this procedure. At the rate and speed that technology eases every aspect of life, you can expect that the entire verification process will soon be a thing of the past.

Pros & cons of no verification sportsbooks


  • It saves time.
  • You don’t have to share personal info on the internet.
  • It’s convenient.
  • You can still place bets if you don’t have valid identification or bank accounts.


  • You could be limited to small withdrawal amounts.
  • The operator might be unlicensed and unsafe.
  • You might be limited to Bitcoin or Trustly payments.
  • You could be excluded from bonuses.


It would help if you decided for yourself which is the best no verification gambling option. We have prepared a shortlist of the best betting sites online to withdraw without sending any documents. It’s essential that you still take your time and do further research on each online bookmaker’s specific options and features that offer gambling services without verification.

You have two straightforward options if you want to avoid the submission of official papers and ID documents. The fastest way is if you use a cryptocurrency for gambling to stay completely anonymous. It’ll also help you in the long run as cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular on most e-commerce sites.

Alternatively, you can register with a gambling site that asks for minimal personal info such as your name, date of birth, and email but does not require proof of address and a copy of your ID card or passport.

When you intend to play at an online bookmaker without ID verification, it’s good to check their terms and conditions as there might be a catch somewhere. All online bookmakers have a section on the site where you will find such information. If a site doesn’t offer a dedicated section explaining its legal terms and conditions, you should be wary.

As we said, bookmakers with no ID check are rare; ensure that they’re indeed licensed and don’t make deposits to any betting sites with no ID check. Unfortunately, many of them are not legitimate. Consult our list of betting sites with no ID required, where we also mention bookmakers that don’t need verification. You’ll find a wide variety of odds, payment methods and to choose from.


It depends on whether the operator is licensed. It’s not illegal to offer access to a website without a player account. It’s unlawful to do so unlicensed. Always check that the online bookie is licensed to operate in your country or region.

If the online operator is licensed, it’s perfectly safe to use its site. Also, keep in mind that there are preferred licensing authorities globally that’s safer to use than others. Some of the safest logos to look for on a site include the UKGC, MGA, Isle of Man, and Curacao Gaming Commission.

Yes, if you are placing real money wagers, you can win real cash prizes.

The first step is to choose a Bitcoin wallet and download it. You can use a trusted Bitcoin trader such as Coinbase or Etoro, to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies. Electrum is another trusted Bitcoin wallet that’s been operational in the US since 2011.

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8 Replies to “Betting Sites Without Verification”

  • Dwane St. says:

    Nice selection of bookmakers that don’t require documents for verification. It is very annoying to send personal information to your gambling provider. I was told that some bookmakers even require video or a selfie. That’s unbelievable. In my opinion I would say that BetOnline AG have requested my ID only once but then I tried to withdrawal a big amount of money.

  • Nina D. says:

    I am from the USA where online gambling is illegal in my state. Currently using BetOnline as verification is not required when making withdrawals. I can payout in bitcoin and it wouldn’t be blocked. I’m always looking for better alternatives. Are there any bookmakers that can do withdrawals using bitcoin and don’t require verification? Or if they do, they do not care about laws in the USA and I can just use my US ID to verify.

  • Alice says:

    Asking for ID isn’t usually a problem. Betting sites need your documents in order to verify you are a real person. The bookmakers usually are quite happy to take your money and don’t ask for proof of ID until you try for a payout. In other words, if you don’t want to share personal info then don’t necessarily throw your cash at the first bookie that lets you deposit without sending any ID.

  • Novakin says:

    I think bookmakers need some serious regulations because it’s too easy for everyone to get into gambling and lose their money. Normal people are responsible for their acts but some are not. That’s why real betting sites have tight regulations and many money games on the internet are regulated too to avoid addictive personalities or of course minors. So I think checking the age of clients is a must for every bookmaker

  • Smith. says:

    Everyone can usually sign up without any ID, but the problem comes when the bettor is going to withdraw. If verification at any point is a no-go, I guess some crypto bookmakers might be the best choice for those who don’t want to send any personal documentation

  • Garcon says:

    What is the chance to get blocked at some of the listed bookmakers above because you are under 18. I want to start betting and I know the money I can lose is on my parents but was looking for bookies that don’t require IDs. I am 17 lol

  • BJORN says:

    Trust in a betting site nowadays in the sports betting market is hard. Anyone who wants to bet online has to pass several verification procedures. Often there are several consecutive identical verifications. It occurs in case of withdrawing funds from a winning account. Your list of bookmakers that don’t request ID is useful. Tnx.

  • Paula M. says:

    I’ve tried to cash out $500 from my account one time on Mybookie and they gave me numerous issues. Saying my ID wasn’t good and it was taking a while to approve the payout. The rollover requirement and ID verification are big ifs. They purposely have their sportsbook set up so you will almost always have rollover requirements, and they can use the documents verification as backup option to not pay out.

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