Betting Sites That Don't Check Age

Posted on 25/04/2018 10:28

Being requested to provide ID documents can be some times overwhelming and that's why we created this comprehensive list of betting sites that don't require ID. Some of the bookmakers here are famous for their anonymous betting, some of them are same day payouts sportsbooks.

How to Easily Find Betting Sites That Don't Ask For ID

In most cases you come across betting sites that don't check age when you search for some bitcoin bookies or anonymous betting. There is a slight difference between Anonymous sportsbooks and bookmakers that usually don't request verification documents.

  • In the first case you bet with cryptocurrency and you're not requested to provide personal information like name, date of birth or address. Your sportsbook account is fully anonymous.
  • In the second scenario ,which is our recommend one for beginners, you can register at bookies that will need your personal information but will not request an ID or proof of address.

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Of course bettors must have clear idea that in very rare circumstances every bookie can request verification documents. In most cases this will occur when client has abused the bookie or played at some fixed matches. Be aware that no company likes to be robbed and if you act suspicious you can expect to be requested for ID docs.

European Bookies That Don't Request Age Verification

There are also some great European bookmakers with free bets and bonuses that don't require ID for some particular countries like United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. In this case personal information is checked by electoral roll registration and punters are not bothered with verification process.

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