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What are the betting guides?

Perhaps you have always thought of gambling as an apple pie. It’s an easy job and you can earn huge bucks each month. Unfortunately, this is not completely true. Gambling is specific and you need to gain experience and special skills, before you can consider yourself as a successful bettor. The percentage of gamblers that stay on the winning side is not high, but it is definitely achievable. Here is what you need to know to do so.

As beginners in sports, you cannot miss the hard part at the start of your gambling experience. It is inevitable to have some bad losing runs. But that is part of your growth in the online gambling field. In order to get more quickly to the “Promised Land”, you will need some kind of useful tool that will help you to make better decisions and winning bets. The team of azBookmakers states that every gambler needs a reliable and detailed betting guide. It does not matter what the sport is – horse racing, American football, soccer, basketball. Every credible sportsbook should offer some kind of manual with useful information about:

  • types of odds;
  • tips for managing your bankroll;
  • common terminology explained;
  • strategies for betting.

What types you will find on the site

Depending on the sports you would like to place your bets on – horse racing, football, basketball, soccer, there could be different betting guides. In fact, managing your stakes contains all sports involved. Because it has nothing to do with the essence of betting or the sport itself but with managing your financial revenue and capital more properly. There are different strategies:

  • flat stakes;
  • Martingale system;
  • Labouchere system;
  • Fibonacci system;
  • positive progression.

You may have heard some of the above-mentioned strategies and perhaps used them. In fact, they could all be quite successful in any sports if applied properly. Of course, you can find betting guides which are destined only for 1 sport, for instance, soccer. You can find detailed information about all types of odds used (fractionals, decimals, American odds), or you can find information about the proper usage of Asian Handicap line, or about some hidden tips you can use while collecting information about a particular match.

There is one thing for sure, one could struggle to cope in the world of gambling without the services of a guide. It is very hard to collect and learn all the demanded information from different and unreliable sources. The team of azBookmakers strongly recommends getting familiar with all the fundamentals of a particular sport through a special guide before intending to wager.

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