If you are a golf fan and like the Ryder Cup then in this article you will learn about some of the most reputable online gambling websites that offer betting opportunities for this top competition. Not all online sportsbooks will provide betting opportunities for the Ryder Cup and it can be difficult for you to find the best betting site that offers the best odds and markets.

The Ryder Cup is the elite competition in world golf. Every year a team of professional golfers from the United States compete with players from Europe to win the prestigious trophy. Venues for the Ryder Cup alternate each year between the United States and Europe.

What can you expect with Ryder Cup betting?

You may be familiar with the Ryder Cup tournament but not on the type of bets that you can place on it. There are team matches played in the tournament and singles matches as well. Usually, there are two days where the team matches take place and one day of singles matches.

Winners of the team matches and singles matches are awarded points. The maximum number of points available is 28, so the first team from the US or Europe that exceeds 14 points will win the Ryder Cup trophy. The online bookmakers in our recommended list below will all provide you with the chance to place an outright bet on who will win the Ryder Cup.

Online bookmakers now offer “futures” bets for the upcoming Ryder Cup tournament which takes place every September. This means that you do not have to wait until September each year to bet on the Ryder Cup. Most of the year there will be futures bets available on the tournament.

Another bet provided by some online bookmakers is on which players will make the Ryder Cup teams. There are websites available which have the official standings for the Ryder Cup and you can use these to make your decision on which players to bet on.

As an alternative to just placing an outright bet on the Ryder Cup winner, you have the opportunity to bet on an individual match. Online bookmakers will usually offer odds for every match for the tournament. For example, you may not think that the European team is capable of winning the tournament but you may predict specific matches that their players will win.

The bookmakers in our recommended list will usually provide odds for the number of matches that an individual player will compete in. Sometimes you will see odds provided for each of the 24 players and other times there will just be odds available for a selection of the top players.

Over and under bets are often available for the number of points that a player will win during the Ryder Cup. It is common for online bookmakers to also provide odds for head-to-head matches. With the Ryder Cup, this is not about the player with the lowest score in a match, but the number of points that players win. You can usually bet on players from the same side too.

Will the US team or the European team score the most points? There will be odds available for you to bet on this. You will also have the chance to bet on the player that you believe will win the most points and be the tournament top scorer.

Other Ryder Cup bets that you will probably see include the first and last players out in the singles, the player that will hit the opening shot on the first day, which player will make the winning putt and more.

We have an expert sports betting team at AZBookmakers.com and they have tested many different online bookmakers to find the best ones for you to place Ryder Cup bets with. Not only did our team look at the range of Ryder Cup bets offered, but also fully researched and tested the sites for licensing, security, support, payment methods and more.

Here is our recommend list of online bookmakers for you to place your Ryder Cup bets:

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All of these online bookmakers have an excellent reputation and have been around for a number of years. We recommend that you take a look at these websites and register with one or more of them. Don’t take a chance on just any sportsbook that provides odds for the Ryder Cup.

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