Find top betting bonuses for USA. Check our list with free plays, promo codes and reload bonuses.

Sports betting bonuses for Americans

Everybody likes free stuff. Sportsbook bonuses and sportsbook promotions are not exactly free stuff, as we will see below, but they still offer a good method to increase your chances of winning a bet or two.

Competition is fierce in the online betting market, therefore, virtually any sportsbook offers at least one type of a bonus and most bookmakers have promotional offers on a regular basis. There are also special sports betting bonuses for Americans, which are similar to the bonuses offered to players from other parts of the globe, but are restricted to residents of the United States.

This article will give you a glimpse on the various betting bonuses in the USA and will explore in detail what USA free bets are available online.

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What are sportsbook bonuses

Once you start betting actively online, you will find there are various sportsbooks bonuses and promotions widely available. Bonuses by bookmakers include welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, no deposit betting bonuses, free play and cash bonuses, match bonuses as well as cash back incentives and free withdrawals.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that a free play bonus means you can really play for free at any online casino or a sportsbook, however. Most, if not all, bonuses and promotions are subject to certain conditions such as a rollover or depositing a certain amount of money, or other requirements.

Moreover, some sportsbooks or affiliated sites offer free play bonus codes but sometimes you can use those only by the means of referring a friend who must sign up with the respective bookmaker, for instance. So, there is no free lunch but you still can take advantage of a US sportsbook bonus to get a chance for placing a winning bet.

What is sportsbook bonus rollover

A sportsbook bonus rollover is a method for the bookmaker to protect themselves from gamblers cashing out the bonus immediately. For example, if a sportsbook deposit bonus is equal to 30% of your initial deposit upon sign up, you end up with $130 in betting money if you deposit $100.

Then, you can bet, say, $10 on a low-odds game and cash out the bonus after the bet wins. That is why sportsbooks introduce rollover requirements.

A rollover effectively requires the bettor to bet a certain amount before withdrawal is allowed. Using the above example, if the sportsbook requires 2x rollover, then you must bet the entire amount of $130 two times before being able to cash out. Hence, you need to place wagers worth a total of $260 to be eligible for withdrawal, your bonus money including.

Now that you have been warned there are limitations related to the sportsbook bonuses and promotions, the time has come to explore the different kinds of bonuses available to gamblers from the US.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are by far the most widespread kind of a bonus the sportsbooks with welcome bonus are offering. Usually, the bookmaker offers to reimburse a certain percentage of your initial deposit.

You can even find a sportsbook with 100% bonus, which means they will match 100% of your initial deposit although with most bookmakers you will receive up to 50% of your first deposit in the form of free bonus money you can use for placing wagers.

You must be aware that these might not be cash bonuses but free play bonuses. There is a huge difference between getting a sportsbook free play bonus and being able to cash out the money you are receiving back from your first deposit with a bookmaker.

Most deposit bonuses are subject to rollover requirements and you need to make two, three or more bets before you can withdraw your winnings, the bonus money including.

Deposit bonuses rank among the biggest sportsbook bonuses but you should be aware that the biggest bonuses are also the ones where rollover of 4x, 5x or more is usually required. Such a requirement markedly lowers your chance to cash out the entire amount of your deposit and the bonus money.

Reload bonuses

Many sportsbook offers include sports betting free play upon subsequent deposits made by a player.

Any bookmaker wants you to stay with them in the long run and place as many bets as possible. That is why sportsbook promotions include reload bonus on second deposit, on third deposit and so on. This kind of sportsbook promos may involve a free play bonus, a matching bonus or any other bonus the bookmaker deems appropriate.

You should know that the top USA bookmakers usually offer reload bonuses to punters who are on a losing streak. This is a method to encourage you to continue betting even though you are losing money right now. Also, these reload bonuses are subject to rollover requirements most of the time.

No deposit bonuses

As you can see, the abovementioned bonuses are linked to depositing money with a bookmaker. A good number of sportsbooks, however, offer free wagers that do not require the bettor to deposit additional funds. We call them β€œno deposit betting bonuses”.

For example, many soccer promotions give you a free bet bonus when you place a wager of a certain amount on soccer matches, especially within a specific soccer league or tournament. Other soccer promos allow the punter to place a free bet on any soccer game offered by the respective bookmaker.

Best sportsbook promotions include free bets for new and existing customers and most well-known sportsbooks offer such bonuses at the start of a season or tournament. Usually, these are limited-time offers and you should be quick to make use of the free wager before it expires.

Sportsbook 100 percent bonus

As we said above, most bookmakers offer a welcome bonus that matches a percentage of your initial deposit. Nonetheless, many sportsbooks have ensuing offers to match your bet upon certain conditions. It might be when you reach a certain betting amount threshold or upon the start of a tournament or when you are in the red.

If you are looking for the best bookmaker bonus in the US, you should definitely explore the match bonuses offered by different bookmakers. There are actually gambling operators that offer a sportsbook 100 percent bonus, which means they cover your entire deposit. Be on alert for match bonuses all the time as many sportsbooks offer these perks regularly after you have opened an account with them.

No risk matched betting in USA

No risk matched betting is a method to profit from sports betting bonuses for Americans. Many sportsbooks offer bonuses and promotions to US residents, hence, you can take advantage of these offers to find no risk matched betting USA sites. Here is how to use sports betting free play to your benefit.

When you open a new account with a sportsbook or use a sportsbook bonus code, you can get up to 100% bonus on your first or current deposit. You can use this bonus to make a back and lay wager.

You place opposite wagers on one and the same sporting event and thus eliminate the chance of a loss. This technique is also known as arbitrage and most bookmakers have rules and procedures in place to prevent arbitrage, so be careful when implementing a no risk matched betting strategy.

Anyways, by using your bonus funds you do not put at risk your own money and if you are putting only bonus money on arbitrage bets there is lesser chance for a sportsbook to ban you because of this practice.

Sportsbook promo codes

Sometimes a sportsbook promotion code is required to get access to best sportsbook bonuses online. Actually, sportsbook promo codes are not as common today as they used to be a decade ago by you still could find promotion codes on offer by the best USA bookmakers.

As the online gambling industry is evolving, most of the top USA bookmakers are now implementing automated procedures for offering bonuses to punters and no promo codes are required to claim a bonus.

The downside of sportsbook promotion codes is that you should make extensive research to find these promo codes on the Internet. An alternative is to find a reliable service specializing in tracking sportsbook promo codes throughout the world of online betting.

You should also bear in mind that most bonuses you claim using promotional codes have the same rollover requirements as most of the other bookmaker bonuses.

Cashback bonuses

Cashback bonuses are rare but they are among the best online sportsbook bonuses a punter might ask for. This type of a bonus works as a refund on your net losses, which is a very good method to minimize loses, especially if you experience a continuous losing streak.

Unfortunately, most of the cashback bonuses are offered only once a year; hence, your yearly sportsbook bonuses for 2018 could include a cashback bonus if you have accounts at selected sportsbooks that offer such an option.

Evidently, bookmakers are not able nor willing to cover all your losses during the year, but many of the top USA sportsbooks are offering rebates on your net loses if you are in the red at the end of the year.

Most of the sportsbooks that allow accounts for US residents are calculating your betting balance of wins and losses after the Superbowl, and, eventually, offer a cashback bonus if your overall balance throughout the year is negative.

These rebates are typically in the range of 10% but you should be aware that this kind of bonus is becoming a rarity.

Loyalty bonuses

Some of the top sportsbook bonuses include bonus programs for loyal customers by USA bookmakers. These bonuses come in many forms but most of the time you accumulate bonus points as long as you reload your betting account and place wagers on a regular basis.

Then, you can use your loyalty points to get sportsbook free play, claim other bonuses or convert the bonus points to cash. Some of the best USA sportsbooks will give you free play bonus codes or loyalty bonuses if you refer new customers to them, and sometimes you can redeem these bonuses.

One more thing, bookmakers will award you loyalty bonuses regardless of whether you lose or win. These bonuses are usually tied directly to your total betting turnover as well as with the period for which you have stayed with a particular bookmaker.

Promotions and contests for US bettors

Apart from the promo codes, many sportsbooks offer various contests and promotions to American punters. There are many different types of betting contests. You can get free bets or compete against other bettors within a certain league or tournament, for instance. Most of the best USA sportsbooks offer such contests during March Madness.

Keep in mind that promotional funds and contents are also subject to rollover rules. Typically, a sportsbook will require from you to bet your promotional money 3x or 5x. Only after betting your own money or the amount of the bonus three or five times, you will be eligible for cashing out the bonus funds and any other winnings.

Differences between cash bonuses and sportsbook free play

A free play and a cash bonus are two quite different perks. What you need to know is that a free play bonus is not actual cash and is usually separated from your main betting funds or bankroll.

If you get a free play bonus of, say 50% on a first deposit worth $100, you actually get a $50 bonus but you need to place the bonus amount as a bet separately and this bet needs to be a winning one in order to cash out the free play bonus.

In contrast, if you have a $50 cash bonus from your bookmaker, this $50 are added directly to your betting account and thus you have $150 to place bets. There still might be rollover conditions in place but you can bet the entire amount of your own $100 plus the $50 bonus at once.

Restrictions on sportsbook bonuses

Plenty of sports betting bonuses for Americans are available online but most of them come with certain restrictions and limitations in place. For instance, you might face restrictions regarding the timeframe for withdrawals – some bookmakers do not allow you to cash out bonus funds before a predetermined period of time expires, usually 30 days. It might be anywhere from two weeks to a month after you have claimed the bonus or the promo code.

Some bonuses and promotions are intended for a specific sport or race. For instance, you can have soccer promotions that are limited to the Champions League only or are eligible only for certain countries.

One more thing to remember, usually you can take advantage of only one bonus or promotion at a time. You must complete or close your current sportsbook bonus to claim another one.

What is the best sportsbook bonus for US players

If you are looking for a top 100 sportsbook bonus, look no further. We have prepared a list of the best sportsbook bonuses in the US.

Bear in mind that while the best USA bookmakers have sign up and first deposit bonuses that are in place all over the year, there are plenty of seasonal and occasional bonuses and promotions available to American punters.

Check regularly for new sportsbook bonuses and take advantage of sportsbook promotions to get free bets, accumulate loyalty bonuses and claim no deposit bonuses.

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