One of the most popular questions we receive at AZBookmakers is “can Bet365 ban you for winning?” The short answer to this is “yes” but it will usually only happen if there are other factors to take into consideration. In this guide, we will discuss the possible restrictions that Bet365 can place on your account and what you can do to prevent this.

Why choose Bet365 for your sports betting?

Bet365 is a betting company with an excellent reputation in the sports betting industry. It first launched back in the year 2000 and has become one of the biggest online bookmakers based in the United Kingdom. They are well-known for the wide range of sports that they cover and the different betting markets they offer.

The company holds several licenses in different jurisdictions. They follow the rules of these licenses very closely and all members have to verify their betting accounts before they can withdraw any winnings. There is a Bet365 mobile gambling app for Android and iOS devices and they have also optimized their website for mobile play.

Why Bet365 can impose restrictions on your account

When you place bets on sports you are excited about the possibility of winning. The last thing that you want is for Bet365 to restrict your account as a result of your betting activities. If you have been on a winning streak then you could find that there are now severe restrictions on your Bet365 account.

It will probably seem strange to you that Bet365 would restrict your account in any way. Surely all bookmakers want to take money from their members? It can be a mystery at times, but there is usually a good reason for any restrictions on your account.

One restriction that can occur with a Bet365 account is a restriction on the amount you can win on your bets. This is not a good restriction to have as it can mean that you a significant amount. Restricted winnings means that you will take all of the risk and there is little reward.

Bet365 can also place a stake restriction on your account. This means that you will not be able to place large bets until the restriction is lifted. When they restrict your stake, you can be left with the option to only place bets of £10 or less. Most gamblers bet big to try and win big and a stake restriction will prevent them from doing this.

Another common restriction from Bet365 is to limit the betting markets that are available to you. One of the biggest advantages of using Bet365 as your online bookmaker is the range of markets that they provide. If you find that you cannot access some of the markets that you normally bet on then your account has been restricted.

The worst possible Bet365 restriction is a closure of your betting account altogether. Usually, you will receive a notification about this, but some people have reported that they were not notified and could not log in to their account.

Why Bet365 imposes restrictions

If you violate the terms and conditions published by Bet365 then this is almost certain to result in an account restriction. For example, you can only have one Bet365 account and if you try to create another and they find out then you will be in trouble.

However, there are other reasons why Bet365 can restrict your account that have nothing to do with a violation of their terms and conditions. This is where the surprise element often comes in. You have complied with the terms and conditions but still find your account restricted. Let’s take a look at why this could be the case.

If you win too much money with Bet365 then they can restrict your account. You place bets because you want to win, right? The problem is that most online bookmakers do not want you to be a consistent winner. They want to make money and having consistent winners hurts their profits.

Bet365 are not the only bookmaker that will restrict the accounts of consistent winners. You probably think that this is unfair and we agree with you. But they are going to do whatever it takes to protect their business and if you are a consistent winner then you become a liability to them.

Your actions related to bonuses that you receive from Bet365 can get your account restricted. Ignoring any bonuses that they offer can also restrict your account. There are always wagering requirements associated with bonuses offered by bookmakers. Bookies tend to make more money when the wagering requirements are fulfilled.

If Bet365 believe that you are a professional gambler then they will restrict or even close your account. They do not like professional gamblers as they tend to use techniques such as arbitrage betting. Arbitrage betting will get your account restricted. Professional gamblers tend to win often which dents their profits.

Bet365 are always on the lookout for members that bet with unusual amounts. In arbitrage betting, it is common to bet in unusual amounts as these provide the most profitable results for the gambler. If they track your activity and see bets with unusual amounts then you can expect a restriction.

Alternative sports betting sites

There are other sports betting sites that are not so quick to place restrictions on accounts. Some of the recommended sites below will welcome consistent winners:

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