At, we want to ensure that any bookmaker that you use is safe. The truth is that there are online bookmakers that we do not consider to be safe and we recommend that you steer clear of them as they use dirty tricks to keep your money.

What makes a safe online bookmaker?

Our experienced team at have been reviewing online bookmakers for a long time. They have designed a number of tough tests for all of the online bookmakers that they review and only the very best ones will appear on our recommended list which you can find below.

The most important thing that we look for with an online bookmaker is that they have an operating license that is currently valid. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unlicensed bookmakers around now and we strongly recommend that you stay away from them.

If you make a deposit and place bets with an unlicensed bookmaker then you can never be confident that they will treat you fairly. Their website may be very similar to a licensed bookmaker but they do not have a gambling authority to answer to.

This means that if you have a dispute with an unlicensed bookmaker, you have nowhere to go. There is no licensing authority for you to take your complaint to and you will probably end up losing your money. You may be able to take the bookmaker to court but that is going to take a long time and there is no guarantee you will win.

A licensed bookmaker will do everything that they can to keep their license. They will have made a significant investment to obtain the license and had to have passed a number of tough tests. The reason that they do this is because they want their members to feel safe and confident using their services.

We will not just accept that an online bookmaker has a valid license just because they say so on their website. Our team will check with the licensing authority to ensure that they do have a license and that it is still current. Some online bookmakers that we have reviewed have been caught in a lie with this check and we instantly dismiss them.

If you complain to the gambling authority that issued the license for the bookmaker then you can be sure that the bookie will want to do all that they can to resolve any issue you have with them. You have a layer of protection which is so important in the world of online gambling.

Another factor that makes an online bookmaker safe is their reputation.

How well does the bookie treat its members?

This is something that our team takes very seriously and we conduct exhaustive checks to uncover any negative reviews and other information that could prove the bookmaker is not trustworthy.

There are several online gambling blacklist websites that we use to check if the online bookmaker appears there. This is not a good place for any online bookmaker to be and if the site we are reviewing appears on these blacklist sites when we search by their name then we will dismiss them immediately.

We also look for negative reviews about the online bookmaker on active user forums and other places where people leave honest reviews. All online bookmakers have some bad reviews so we expect to find some. Our team will analyze the reviews to see if they are related to safety and the bookmaker not treating the person fairly.

While it is normal for even the best online bookmakers to have some bad reviews, we do not expect any bookie to have many bad reviews. This is sometimes the case, and if we find this then they will not appear in our recommended list.

The security deployed by the online bookmaker is very important. All of the transactions between the user and the bookmaker should use SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. Usually, there is information on the bookmaker’s website describing the security that they have deployed.

We do not just accept this. Our team will contact the support people and ask them specific questions about their security arrangements. Only if we receive the right answers here will we consider the bookmaker for our recommended list.

Another check that we make to determine if a bookmaker is safe or not is the amount of time that they have been in business. New online bookmakers are appearing all of the time and we do not consider these to be safe (even though they might be) as they have not been around long enough to confirm this.

Judging an online bookmaker as safe because it has been around for a few years is not something that we do either. It is dangerous to assume that a bookmaker that has been in the market for a long time is automatically safe.

Our recommended safe bookmakers

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When we review online bookmakers, we conduct a lot more checks than those we have discussed above. There are never many online bookies on our recommended list because the majority of them fall short in certain areas.

Other websites will recommend online bookmakers without thoroughly checking them. You will not see this happening at We stand by our recommendations, and our team is always checking that the bookmakers which appear on our list still deserve to be there. – CloudBet has been around since 2013 and is an online bookmaker with a good reputation that passes all of our safety and security checks. They have held a valid operating license for many years and deploy cutting-edge security for their transactions. In addition to being safe, they offer a comprehensive sportsbook, an online casino and they accept major cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. – BetOnline have been around for more than two decades. There reputation in the industry is solid and they are a very safe bookmaker to bet with. The website has a valid license from a recognized gambling authority and they take the safety and security of their members very seriously. All of their transactions are secure. With BetOnline you have the opportunity to place sports bets on a wide range of sports and different markets. They also have live betting, an online casino, poker and more.

For you to check the safety and security of an online bookmaker that you are considering registering with will require a lot of time and effort. It is unlikely that you will have the experience of our team here at, so we recommend that you choose one of our recommended bookmakers from our list above to be sure of being safe.

Final words

You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of an online bookmaker. Unfortunately, there are online bookmakers out there that are sadly lacking in this area and you need to stay away from them. Choose a bookmaker from our recommended list and you can be confident that they are safe to bet with.


Why is it important for a bookmaker to have a valid license?

You never want to bet with an unlicensed bookmaker. If you have a dispute with them there is no higher authority for you to take your complaint to.

Why do the best online bookmakers have negative reviews?

There will always be people that are dissatisfied with the service that they receive from a bookmaker. Some of these people will write negative reviews even when they are in the wrong to try and harm the reputation of the bookie.

If you have a dispute withy an online bookmaker does this mean that they are not safe?

Not necessarily. People have disputes with the best bookmakers and this does not automatically mean that they are unsafe.

Which is the safest online bookmaker to bet with?

Choose a bookmaker from our recommended list and you will be safe with them.

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